Animals play a significant role in the development of a child. They teach kids from a very early age to value Mother Nature with all of its creations and the importance of virtues such as tolerance, compassion, empathy and responsibility. But, if owning a real life pet is out of the question for whatever reasons (and you certainly can’t own a panda or flamingo) then consider bringing them closer to your little ones’ hearts by making them a part of their bedrooms through toys, various decor pieces, wall art etc. Woodland, domestic and even prehistoric creatures, with their free spirits, cute, fluffy ears and captivating appearance, are sure to liven up the place by bringing in joy and wonder. Embrace your kids’ favourite animals or pick one, or a few, from the broad list we have prepared for you and get to work as soon as possible!


The Giant Panda is the most welcomed type of bear in kids’ bedrooms. With exceptionally fluffy fur and distinctive black patches around their eyes, you just want to give it a huge hug as soon as you see one. Pandas obviously prefer minimalist, black and white habitats and sometimes it’s just enough to put those cute eyes on a white piece of furniture or accessory to make them suited for a kid’s room.

panda toybag

animals in kids rooms

panda wall decal

panda design in childrens rooms

tellkiddo/kenna sato designs


Like its cousin panda bear, the polar bear will evoke a much similar feel. These arctic animals could become a great addition to a Scandinavian-inspired kid’s room, blending perfectly with the family of whites, cool blues and a dash of black.

polar bear poster

bobby rabbit

polar bear designs in kids rooms



The only animal on our list that thrives in a watery environment is the blue whale. As the first part of its name suggest, blues are this underwater mammal’s hues of choice. Whether it’s a muted or light variant of blue, the whale is going to manage just fine.

blue and red kids room


whale posters


wooden whale nursery mobile garland

april eleven

whale designs kids room



Bunnies have always held a special place in people’s hearts, especially our youngest ones’. That is one of the reasons why, for example, Miffy is a rabbit, and much of Miss Mighetto’s graphics are devoted to these small, cute furry animals.

bunny chairs for kids

petite amelie

bunny wallpaper


bunny pillows

bunnies in childrens rooms



Foxes are everyone’s favourite forest friends. They are also a cunning bunch which allows them to sneak into a lot of kids’ bedrooms, from minimal, wintery white rooms to warmer ones packed with deep browns and dark greys. You can’t go wrong with the fox!

fox plushtoy

art for kids

fox designs


As Millennial pink firmly fortified itself in our little ones’ rooms, so too has the flamingo! This glorious bird screams for vibrant colours, bringing with it an all year round summery feel. Kids’ Interiors already covered Flamingo themed kids’ rooms back in July, so if you wish to explore this majestic animal further, go ahead and check out this them here.

flamingo pillow


flamingo wallpaper


Dinosaurs have been extinct for more than 65 million years now and ever since their discovery these magnificent prehistoric beasts have been fascinating both adults and children alike. Dinosaurs may have been giant carnivorous predators, but they tend to soften up and show their cute side when introduced to kids’ bedrooms as décor, bed sheets and plush toys. They are also a fun way through which you could bring a bit of science closer to the curious little minds.

dinosaur toys


dinosaur wallpaper

inke heiland

Which animal will you pick for your kid’s room? Need more ideas? Then check out our board “animal kids décor” on Pinterest !

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