All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, or so the saying goes. This collection of ten spirited boys’ rooms is far from lacklustre and demonstrates that you can create harmony and gentle havoc all in the same space.

No space for a separate playroom? Then feast your eyes on the clever tips, tricks and ingenious hacks in these rooms, and you’ll be creating spaces full of fun, frolics and hopefully sleep in no time.


Totally roarsome! That’s the only way to describe this dramatic dinosaur den, complete with a bespoke bed and a camo net clad tepee. We love that the design by @gramefullerdesign packs in an enormous sense of adventure while maintaining a modicum of calm and serenity. Clean white walls certainly help the cause, and a mellow palette of earthy greens keep the design anchored in nature.


Playful but positively practical and still full of magical dreams and make-believe. We simply adore this bespoke bed design that manages to bring a sense of the city at night to the bedroom. The skyline is inspired and look at how the constellation wall stickers peek through the window, thoughtfully cut out of the house bed end canopy. The soothing tonal blue on blue lends a lofty feel, creating a sense of being up above the clouds.


There’s a touch of the snakes and ladders in James’ playground-inspired bedroom. We love the eclectic mix of safari and boho and the tranquillity delivered by the muted colour choices. A bedroom that offers the dual functionality of play in the day and slumber at night is design genius in our book, But we suspect it could lead to the need for some clear boundaries on where sleep starts and fun ends!


The Alps are calling in this action-packed retreat for two. A clever bit of partitioning carves up the room into dorm-like quarters. It’s cool but cosy, busy but peaceful, and it’s destined to lead to flights of fanciful escapades when the curtains are drawn on the day.


Who said bedrooms are for sleep? This loft apartment bed encompasses a space atop for naptimes with a fast escape route to play in the form of a slide. There’s a natural cavern below for den making, quiet time and storytelling and a built-in blackboard for doodles, scribbles and freestyling. We can feel the energy in this upbeat and happy room beautifully backlit by dual aspect windows and rooted in a calming pastel pistachio paint job.


Nothing says playful quite like the animated curves of a scalloped wall, especially when it’s in a marvellously minty green courtesy of Lick’s shade, green 08! Add a star-spangled playmat by @gusandbeau, a multi-coloured trio of Hema storage crates, and a burst of dotty, sunshine-yellow bedlinen by George at Asda and Louie’s bedroom is already well on its way to a ‘colour me happy’ kind of vibe. A touch of bunting here and a prize-worthy collection of cushions up the happy factor while the framed ‘Play All Day’ print makes very clear what the agenda is in this boy’s room!


Kieran’s Jurassic-inspired room is every dino lover’s dream. A foliage-filled walled delivers total sub-tropical immersion and sets the scene for an unlikely bunch of roommates. A tree trunk penetrates the corner shelf giving the sense that this bedroom just grew around the theme in an authentic and untamed manner.


When you come to a crossroads in room design, we say play all the way. This house bed feels like a literal translation of pied-à-terre with a perfectly formed house frame planted firmly on the ground. It feels like the inhabitant could clamber out of bed and hit the road in their vintage car, journeying to faraway places in small world terms. Kick’s room is innocent and charming yet full of road trip promise, and we just want to join the ride.


Why have a house when you can have a village in your bedroom? Like a real-life development, this shared boys’ room gives a sense of unique identity while fostering community spirit. Every base is covered here. There’s a climbing frame, ladders, a slide and the cover of a hideout for shared role play and contemplative chill out time. Daks and Dimm, when can we move in?


Oh, the places you’ll go indeed, my little astronaut. How can a monochrome room be so full of ‘colour’ and happiness? David’s intergalactic space is simply out of this world with its space-themed wallpaper and suspended solar system. It’s a cosmic, super-powered ranch on another planet. It’s the stuff of astronautical dreams and supersonic fantasies.

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