Oliver Furniture is more than just another furniture brand. It’s a way of living; by natural style, slow-living and freedom. No need to race after new trends all the time and throw away what you already have as Oliver Furniture provides furniture that is simple, yet contemporary that lasts for generations. The company is based just north of Copenhagen which has beautiful sandy beaches and a relaxed way of living. The Seaside Collection reflects this easy beach-house living and the Wood Collection highlights the natural layers of beauty hiding in wood as a material.

The company regularly updates and refines their portfolio by taking into consideration the modern family in its evolution and stays faithful to their signature of clean lines, round shapes and delicates details. Their furniture is also sustainable and can easily be adapted as change happens. A few modifications to a bunk bed and it becomes two single beds for exemple. We really liked how the bunkbed can transform to a play area in the bottom part or a cosy hide-in reading corner! All their furniture complies with the most important European safety standards such as EN standards and norms, REACH, TüV, FSC and Oeko-Tex.

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