The brand Quax was founded in Belgium in the year 2000 and stands for innovation, quality, design and affordable baby products.

Their products are designed internally and produced through reliable and professional manufacturers. The materials are selected with great care and are always of an outstanding quality, which makes the products not only truly “elegant” but also tough.

Quax is a trendsetter and in these past 18 years it they have created their own style which can be recognized by its timeless and austere, yet contemporary design and specific color palette.

Quax creates a full concept with its furniture, matching textiles and deco items and brings interior trends to the kids room which makes a Quax room a perfect choice for parents with a heart for interior design.

Once again in 2022, the brand is focusing on peace and harmony. Some of their star products have been given new fresh colours designs in the Japandi style. The result is a collection full of old acquaintances and future favourites that combine effortlessly to cross the border into the nursery. Take a look at the video below!

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