Flamingos have come a long way from being just a tacky yard decoration to becoming this year’s hottest fashion motif. You can find them almost everywhere – from T-shirts to upholstery. But what is it with this tropical bird that got everyone so crazed? Is Millennial pink to blame? Either way, the Flamingo didn’t bypass kid’s décor either. These trendy birds have flown and nested in children’s rooms in the shape of cute pillows, wallpapers, bed sheets and a variety of diverse prints. And whether it’s a statement or a subtle look you are searching for, the flamingo will match your style. One thing is for certain, we can all agree that the flamingo theme is simply adorable, so why not sneak it into your kid’s room décor?

flamingo décor kids room


flamingo wallpaper


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Let’s dream of Miami or Palm Beach! The funky décor found in these exotic places wouldn’t be the same without these graceful birds. They are great for bringing a summery vibe to your little one’s room in a stylish and tropical way. You can choose to stick with just the luscious pink hues or you can further spread the tropical scenery with big green leaves and why not pastel splashes of colour for the 50’s look. Turquoise is a great complementary colour used as accent colour as it will bring the atmosphere of the azure sea and break the two-tone pink and green perfectly.

flamingo décor childrens room


green leaves flamingos


felt flamingo garlands


flamingo wall head


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Although pineapples and watermelons are not the first choices for these gallant animals when it comes to food, they sure are when it comes to décor. Complement your kid’s flamingo themed room with these summer fruits and bring a touch of sweetness to the room while at the same time promoting a healthy lifestyle. Teach your little one to be like a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.

pineapple flamingo garland


lilipinso flamingo sticker


flamingo nursery

project nursery

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If you prefer a more subtle approach, use the flamingo theme against a white background. Apply an accent of vivid colours with flamingo decals on a simple white wall and complement them with bright or pastel accessories such as pillows and bedding in shades of pale yellows and blues. Just one flamingo plushie on the bed or on a shelf  will also add a quirky touch to the room. Feel free to experiment by bringing other little friends to the room as unicorns and butterflies.

flamingo plushie

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flamingo soft toy

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flamingo wallpaper


flamingo duvet cover


flamingo theme children room


Like it or not, but the sleepy owl lost its title of the kid interiors’ most favourite bird. It has flown away and made room for the exotic and elegant tropical queen. This summer is all about flamingos and we are simply in love with this trend and its happy vibes.

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