You could be forgiven for thinking that a sure-fire way to a kid’s room full of good vibes is through a riot of colour. It’s a reasonably safe assumption, and this tried and tested technique is undoubtedly one way to inject energy and a healthy dose of positivity into a space. There is a fine line between happy-go-lucky and sensory overload, though, so it pays to take a leaf out of the creators behind these fabulously upbeat rooms.

These DIY Masters have in common a keen eye for detail and the deft layering of well-sourced accessories and embellishments. The trick is to go lightly. Add as you go along and see what works. If all else fails, you can always rely on bunting and garlands to bring a sense of celebration to the occasion.


Dominy is well-known for her penchant for colour, and her grid is a veritable sourcebook of how to use more of it! Here she expertly combines sunshine brights and pretty pastels to create a room full of sun-drenched, smiley vibes. There’s so much of note here, but we particularly love the Sunny Jim print by @sebandcharliedesign and the hanging alphabet artwork by @lornafreytag. It’s also interesting to see how easy it is to amp up the fun with the simple addition of multicoloured cushions. Bravo, Bow In The Sky.


Take a deep blue painted wall (Fossil Creek by @solverpaints in this case) and add an artful arrangement of cotton ball lights by @brightlablights, and voilà, you have a sophisticated festival feel with heaps of feminine charm. The delight in Tahli’s room setup is that the good vibes here can be temporary and could be quietened down simply by removing them if required. We can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to be constantly bathed in good vibes, but it’s always nice to have options!


Texture and pattern create the cheer in this small corner of juvenile bliss. A distinct circus meets all-the-fun-of-the-fair vibe typifies this pastel-perfect stripe extravaganza.

We appreciate the variation in repetitive dot-derived prints – from the giraffe and lion markings to the star-spangled rug and irregular pattern on the star cushion. And you’ll note there’s even dissimilarity in the stripes themselves. – some diagonals, some thin, some wide. This fun-filled theme is just the ticket for an engaging play area for mini showmen and women everywhere.


Jessica demonstrates the art of simplicity in her congenial creation for mixed-gender siblings rooted in a colour-blocked wall of Sherwin Williams’ Nugget. There’s colour and print, but the application and arrangement here show her flair for kids’ interior design. She dubs it ‘Rainbow as a Neutral’, but we think it’s sheer genius how she uses each arc of the prints by @minted to mirror the sleeping spaces of Harper and Ethan.


A wallpaper accent wall in Milton and King’s Encinitas by @kittymccall brings a bloom of vibrant florals to this contemporary bedroom with a delicate touch of boho. We adore the excellent balance of fun elements – from bold colour and vivid print to the pop art installation by @scoutdesignstudio.


Sibling rivalry notwithstanding, shared bedrooms can still be filled with glee. This space oozes positivity and benefits from an uplifting shaft of light that illuminates the layers of detail within its pristine white walls. The only symmetry is the wall-mounted anglepoise night lights that preside over the spindled bed frames. We love how much individuality has been created on each side of the room. The happy vibes here are subtle pops of colour and considered styling.

Who said study spaces had to be serious? Indeed, not the creator of this slice of lemon heaven. There’s colour clash aplenty, yet still, there’s harmony and a sense of happy order. If interiors could be labelled gourmand, we’d award that accolade to this candy-coloured merry haven.

Exposed bricks are given a lick of creamy paint, but they’re far from vanilla. This Wonderwall hosts a multitude of artefacts worthy of a museum collection. It might be a small space, but it occupies a design intent and personality that loom large. There’s wire word art, a brocaded waistcoat, tufted rug hangings, and not to mention the pattern clash of a floral changing mat and the layering of polka dot and leopard print rugs. It feels almost tribal, which contributes to palpable energy. And, oh my, that cot is a marvel in mustard!


It’s not just Rachael’s nursery décor and wall art that creates a magic that captivates children and parents alike. She’s honed an approach to styling that invites smiles all around. There’s always a sense that a whirlwind of fun has just been through her colour-blocked, contemporary spaces. We love the underlying woodland theme. The handmade Mr Fox wall hanging by @jenni.wrenuk looks perfectly at home nestled between the green-striped squirrel and badger prints by @prettyinprintart.


Rhiannon’s route to happy vibes is in an earthy palette of balance, peace and a bold burst of checks. The sage green feature wall is literally out of this world – it’s a shade by @tint.paint called Proxima B and is named after our nearest, most habitable planet. A collection of soft pastel cushions and complimentary bedlinen by @adairs add contrast to the lush green. At the same time, the cacti bring a sense of the outdoors to this stylishly adventurous boy’s room.


Good vibes come in many guises, and Susanna’s version is a dreamy blend of grey-blue and pink blush with a dusting of gold. Of course, a magical print by @mrsmighetto never displeases, and there’s just the right mix of all the elements in those gorgeous pillows – stars and rainclouds, rainbows and flowers, all atop a bed of galloping horses. Dream big little one indeed.


Good vibes and creativity often go hand in hand, and Coral sure knows a thing or two about crafting an uplifting kids’ space. This room is next-level detail, but its calming palette keeps the chaos out and lets the calm in. A lick of paint on the IKEA pine bunk beds transforms them into a unique piece, and the perfectly placed burnt orange colour blocking creates a zone that separates the lofty upper quarters from the basement level. Those oversized velvet letters by @thebebehive are pure bliss, and there’s a liberal sprinkling of positive affirmation in the penants, hanging flags and picture prints. A zoom-in confirms who resides here – The Boys; check out those lovely concrete letters by @_studioemma.


We end our good vibes gig in this impossibly cheerful room that gives us delicious cherry-berry smoothie feels. It’s not just the cherry references, but the raspberry meets tangerine palette contributes to this vibrant, fruity disposition. It’s zesty. It’s juicy and delectable in so many ways. And just in case you thought that wallpaper was polka dot, take a closer look…it’s also a cherry print by

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