There’s something about boho décor for kid’s rooms that just feels so right. A touch unconventional, a playful but relaxed riot of textiles and colours and the perfect environment to teach individualism and self-expression. It’s a timeless theme which makes it suitable for almost any age of child, and we love the fact that the lack of uniformity means it’s easy to create a truly unique space with relative ease. Even better, you can continually add touches here and there. It’s the antithesis of minimal.

If an interior theme could represent a subject on the curriculum, it would be life lessons. Dare to be different, dare to experiment, dare to go where others haven’t.

And now for some inspiration. We’ve compiled a collection of adorable boho girl’s rooms that we simply adore. We’re sure you’ll love them too.


Not all boho is created equal! This minimal take on the theme is on the more sedate end of the spectrum but no less stunning for it. Hunter and Nomad’s rattan crescent moon mirror provides a focal point on the bare wall and teams perfectly with the chalky pink Moroccan door print, adding a mysterious and exotic vibe.  A floaty, round canopy by Hope and Jade Interiors continues the Moorish theme, the crisp white fabric accentuated against the natural wood of the cot. A delicate touch of floral on the fitted cot sheet and dried flowers suspended in acrylic blocks complete this most simple of boho nurseries.


In sharp contrast, we love the hustle and bustle of this dreamy little haven.  How incredibly adorable is that macrame hanging cot? Such clever maximisation of an ‘in the eaves’ space and the rustic contrast of the supporting beam against the white panelled sloped ceiling is divine. The deliberate positioning of the cot above a circular sea of rattan creates a tropical, beachy feel reminiscent of Caribbean vacations.  A jaunty collection of brightly coloured paper lantern decorations strewn together add a burst of energy to the room and positively pop against the white wall, adorned with a sprinkling of gold polka dots and coral scalloping.

Scandinavian Boho Nursery


The epitome of romantic boho, this room has a sepia quality not out of place in a treasured photo album of old. The dappled grey wall and peachy canopy create an almost Victorian feel added to by the darling smock dress, a first birthday outfit perfected by an artisan hair bow. The graceful swan in her masquerade eyepiece glides effortlessly into place, highlighted by that gorgeous shaft of light, one of the hallmarks of boho décor.

blue and beige nursery


Another slightly moodier take on boho is this honey-spiced masterpiece. The gooey caramel tones are as inviting as a waffle fresh off the iron, and that grandiose, high-backed rattan chair beckons the wary, ready to absorb the stresses and strains of the day.

The detailing in this nursery is minimal but just as boho should be; a mix of styles and layering of textures that combine to create a welcoming space for slumber.

boho nursery with white


Rattan and rosy hues are the keys to this calming Scandi boho bedroom. Another example of how a simple rattan rug can divide a room without physical boundaries, here creating a dining area with a rustic place setting for two. The strictly white-only-walls and floor to ceiling windows add plenty of light to this modern nursery. The colour palette is subtle with feminine coral pinks tempered by neutral earthy tones and an abundance of wicker, wood and dried grasses. A collection of trinkets, treasures and wall hangings in the corner; the very essence of boho styling.

sea wave wallpaper nursery


The wallpaper in this room makes quite a splash with a sense of the ocean rolling right into the nursery by way of Anewall’s Bombura mural. It’s clear to see that this family are coastal dwellers and have a love of bringing the outdoors in. See the subtle detail like the gold palm lampstand mirroring the lush green leaves of the framed picture and the decorative surfboard idling next to a lazy days macrame swing. The only thing missing from this picture-postcard paradise is sand between the tiny toes of its lucky inhabitant.

There’s also a cute hint at daddy’s musician status with an itsy bitsy guitar taking pride of place next to Teddy on his rattan throne. Quite the boho dream.

lama head wall trophy nursery


Nothing says boho chic quite like a floral print, and this is fittingly blooming beautiful. Now, we did define boho style at the outset as the antithesis of matchy-matchy, but the same print canopy, tepee and quilted mat by Mimi Bear Shop in this room do nothing to detract from the exquisite styling of this stunning girl’s room. Something about the way the canopy is bunched up intensifies the print further. Flower power indeed!

minimalistic boho nursery


Breaking all of the rules of boho again, Jackie proves that less can be oh so much more when it packs a punch like this room. The layering is all there, but it’s more subtle. And the piece de resistance is that wall treatment. The intricate baskets hang like giant flowers, radiating warmth and a nurturing spirit above the clean lines of the modern cot while a contemporary patchwork blanket adds a new take on an ancient craft form.

70's style boho nursery


This peachy perfection ticks so many boho boxes. A healthy quota of rattan (we love the scalloped detail on that Nalani cot by Sacred Bundle), a flight of floral fancy on those adorable organic bed sheets by Kippins and a pop of bright colour on the gorgeous yellow velvet flower cushion. And not forgetting, of course, the assortment of decorative objects dwelling inside those über cute basket wall shelves.

camel posters for nursery


There’s a grown-up quality about this nursery disrupted only by the cheeky llamas and the presence of a faithful teddy keeping guard inside the cot. The real treat for us is the homemade wall hanging. We love Laura’s ingenious use of leftover yarn from a baby blanket made by her mom; a rainbow of Scandi pastels with a sense of sentimentality you could never buy.

sea ocean wallpaper nursery


What a precious find this treasure of a room is. The signature rattan Airlie cot is enveloped in a dreamy canopy that is about as boho as boho can be; macrame, tassels and a bright and breezy off-white cheesecloth. The watercolour blue and grey cloud wallpaper by Anewall creates a dramatic backdrop for the cotton rope and raffia lion wallhanging by Ila y Ela Artesanal. Is it just us or does this friendly lion also conjure up images of the warming sun? The choice of wallart by Mrs Mighetto complements the wallpaper with its watery petroleum and slate tones. You can gaze into this image and almost hear the rhythmic rolling of the ocean’s ripples. So calming and so peaceful.

If you’re looking to create a boho look for your daughter’s nursery, there are some simple rules you can follow to help you achieve the end result.

  • Do use rattan, macrame, wicker and other natural materials in abundance. These tend to work well as an anchor for the layering of your colours, patterns and embellishments. Think big pieces of furniture, rugs, shelving and headboards.
  • Don’t look for symmetry, perfection and everything matching. An air of the eclectic is what underpins boho.
  • Do layer textiles and add pattern where possible and look for vintage or handmade pieces to add those unique touches.
  • Do avoid black and be sure to throw in a daring splash of colour here and there amongst earthy colours.
  • Do try to capitalise on multiple light sources to accentuate and highlight features of your room décor.

Happy decorating!

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