Children are born dreamers with minds full of wild adventure and imaginations untamed by experience. As parents, we’re encouraged from the outset to stimulate their senses, even if only in red, black and white. So, it stands to reason that we should consider the role of posters and wall art in the design of their living and sleeping spaces.

Far from just an essential weapon in the decorative toolbox, wall art can fuel development, soothe tiny frazzled minds and form the basis of make-believe bedtime stories. Of course, they also anchor room themes and add the icing on the DIY cake too. Their transformative powers breathe life into bare white backdrops, can cover a multitude of bumpy-walls-and-old-property sins, and they remain one of the most cost-effective and quickest ways to add personality and impact to a child’s bedroom.

It’s official; posters and wall art are the not-so-secret flourishes that add a finishing stamp on a room makeover project. The genres are endless. From quotes and personalised typographical prints to adorable animals and dreamy, whimsical landscapes, there’s a print or poster just waiting to adorn your kid’s nursery or bedroom. The only question is, what will you choose? Join us for a voyage of wonderful wall art inspiration and see what takes your fancy!


Why have one woodland animal when you can have the whole forest? Juliana opts for a framed print grid formation in her baby boy’s room, providing hours of discovery and a ready-made set of pastel-toned companions for bedside stories.


The dusky pink and mustard tones of this room vibe so well with the rattan furniture, creating the perfect environment for a framed educational wildflower print on the wood-panelled walls. Wall art with purpose!


We’re dotty about Percy’s take on jungle decor. Wonder and Rah’s leopard print in butterscotch takes pride of place at the head of the bed, and the fabulous Loony Leopard and Kasbah Polar Bear wall hanger rugs by @bonordic offer an alternative way to bring texture and fun to the walls.


Delicately does it in baby Marie’s calm neutral blush nursery.  Phyllis Adams’ abstract Block Party canvas adds a contemporary edge to the accent Raindots papered wall and proves that style and impact do not have to come with a huge price tag.


Oh-la-llama indeed! Quirky, humorous prints like this pairing of framed llamas from Wayfair inject a sense of juvenile fun into the nursery. The monochrome illustrations work so well with the Modern Delicate Herringbone wallpaper by @livetteswallpaper.


Spanish artist, Marta Abad Blay, brings her distinctive brand of illustration to this gorgeous tutti frutti pastel bedroom with two large Ana and Mia prints. It didn’t escape our attention that the Evonne Goolagong and Frida Kahlo books from the Little People, Big Dreams series echo the prints’ style.


This big boy room is treated to a healthy dose of edgy peace out and cool vibes with this duo of prints from @blond.noir. The combo of deep blue and mustard is a perfect match.The beauty of modern art prints like these is that they are timeless and could be redeployed elsewhere in the home or taken off to university or new homes when your children flee the nest.


Great things happen where wall art meet positive affirmation. This particular piece by @ohsweetskye is crafted from real wood, and the text hand-painted for a truly unique finish. The medium brown stained frame is an excellent choice against the Oh Deer wallpaper by @anewalldecor.


There’s a lovely natural quality to this room, making a perfect home for @wildingsinteriors  Night and Day Moths print. We love the exquisite but discrete detail on the wings signalling the punctuation of time. The sustainability credentials are admirable too. The designs are printed on recycled card, mounted on recycled greyboard and shipped inside a biofilm sleeve which is 100% compostable.


Only a Mrs Mighetto print will do for a room full of so much fantasy, and its position against the delicate hydrangea hued wall is simply perfect. This lovely bedroom has many subtle references to flight. The homemade swinging chair, the delicate angel wings atop the bookcase and a stunning tapestry with bird motifs by @mykidsroomstudio.


Now here’s a room to get green with envy over! With a busy wallpaper like the luscious green Dino Rise by @roomblush, wall art can afford to be a little less ‘shouty.’ Nevertheless, this playful graphic print has some serious bark. Jaxx, the cool monochrome mutt, was inspired by the Japanese artist, Mogu Takahashi’s own dog.


Bridget’s room is a lesson in style with substance. Wall art can be so much more than just a decorative touch. These educational prints chime well with the understated elegance of the bedroom’s outlook, but they also seek to impart knowledge of the seasons and the British Isles.


What could be more exquisite than a solitary goose on a floral background? This little feathery friend by @olioliposters is right at home in this vintage, sepia-toned vision of boho beauty.


All the M’s combine to create an unforgettable space. Miffy, monogramming and a quirky Monday’s Child print by @Boo_and_mimi. We do love a break with convention, and this framed graphic does that with aplomb!


Picture perfect doesn’t always equal framed. Take your poster of choice and apply a piece of washi tape to each corner for a rustic, homegrown kinda vibe. Just like this autumn-toned ladybird by, framed in hues of dusty pink geometric shapes.


Strategically positioned between the contrasting hues of the colour blocked wall sits this most peaceful of birds. Not only a visual delight, but this beautiful poster by @studiolocodedign is an important reminder of the virtues of kindness and humanity.


How adorable is this comical little bunny in earthy colours, complete with his dapper bow tie and a cheeky ‘I see you caption’? Placed in a white frame, he positively pops against the dusted heather wall.


How fitting that these prints sit under the Dream Maker Collection by @violeteyesart? Rainbow Blessings Blush and a collection of wildflowers in a soft palette of summery pastels grace this teal wood panelled effect wall.

The country’s childhood memories at dusk inspired the collection, and it certainly gets our vote for nostalgic vibes of carefree juvenile jaunts.


Chelsea’s room channels magical mermaid vibes with this charming collection of subdued pastel framed prints by @littlepeachandpip. Teamed with a set of hand-woven seashells and a starfish by @t2crafts, one could be mistaken for feeling the call of the ocean

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