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Although hardwood is currently the most popular option for flooring, it is definitely not something where you would allow your kids to roll, crawl, run and play on. That doesn’t have to mean that you should change the flooring in the entire kids’ room or introduce a wall-to-wall carpet. There is a fun and cost-effective solution – an area rug. It gives the kids the ideal spot for everything from playing with Legos and practicing gymnastics to telling stories or coloring sketches. However, choosing an area rug is not as easy as it sounds. Here are some things to consider.


Before you make any decisions regarding the style, material and other characteristics, you will need to measure the room’s available space and consider the furniture position, in order to determine the size of the rug you are looking for. The rug should always be large enough for the kids to play, otherwise it loses its purpose. Also, you should think about the size of the bed/crib, chairs and the play table and about the position of a rocking chair (if you have one). You don’t want it unevenly placed.

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Making a decision about the rug construction is far more important than it seems, since it includes considering the ease of maintenance, how it holds up to wearing and its safety for kids’ health. Cotton rugs are probably the most affordable option. They are also very easy to clean and very versatile. Wool-cut pile rugs are extremely durable and provide kids with a soft place to sit. They may shed a bit at first, but in the long run, they keep their original texture very well. Loop rugs add similar texture as wool, with no shedding whatsoever. The softest option are shag and woven rugs, which makes them perfect to play on and ideal for adding texture to the room. Jute and sisal rugs are extremely hard-wearing, so perfect for kids running on them even with their shoes on but not ideal when the child is at an age when they sit down alot playing with their toys. Wool sheep rugs are probably the softest and the thickest so they are great for the parents too!

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Area rugs come in various shapes – from the simplest rectangle to the imaginative cloud, donut, flower, bear or mouse. The shape you choose should depend on the room’s layout but also on the overall décor. You should know that the presence of different shapes in a kids’ room is encouraging kids to make connections between objects and categories and improving many skills. So, if you decide for rectangular shape, you can try to compensate the lack of interesting lines with fun patterns. A curvy cloud, on the other hand, doesn’t need such additions.

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The colour of the rug should, of course, fit into the rest of the décor hamoniously. Take into consideration the colour scheme of the room and the style of the furniture. A solid colour rug is the best choice if the room is already filled with many colours and patterns. Large patterns are quite simple to fit into every space and they’re very visually pleasing. Small playful patterns should be introduced into a room with mostly neutral colour palette if you want it to stand out more. Some patterns on kids’ rugs can even have another function than just being rug as a decorative and protective element – such as road circuit rugs or hopscotch rugs where children can play on them.

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In the end, don’t forget about safety, and use anti-slip rug pads that will prevent your kids from falling and injuring themselves.


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