Children possess a remarkable sensitivity to their environment. The way their rooms are designed can significantly impact their mood and behaviors. Today we take a look at how you can create an energy-boosting kid’s room by incorporating elements that promote positivity, creativity and vitality.


Colour Scheme

Infuse the room with joy and liveliness by opting for a vibrant color scheme. Shades such as yellow, orange, and light green are known to evoke feelings of happiness and vitality. Remember to incorporate your child’s favourite colours as well!



positive affirmation poster in kid's room


Encourage Playfulness

Allow space for play by including elements that encourage your child to express themselves freely, such as an indoor slide, a chalkboard wall for drawing, soft mats and cushions for jumping and dancing, a tent or teepee for imaginative play, or musical instruments.



rainbow theme kid's room


Decorate with Happiness

Go bold when it comes to choosing fun posters, wall decals or artwork featuring positive messages, inspirational quotes or images that encourage imagination, self-confidence and optimism. Use colourful rugs, bedding and throw pillows to add pops of colour and texture. You might also want to incorporate personalized touches that reflect your child’s interests and personality, such as their favourite cartoon characters or fairytales or why not their own artwork to make them feel proud of their creations.



energy-boosting and happy kid's room


Encourage A Good Energy Flow

Ensure there’s ample room between furniture pieces to allow your child to move around freely. Also, exploring Feng Shui principles for kids’ rooms can be quite interesting. It advises choosing furniture with rounded edges to avoid negative energy (known as ‘sha’) associated with sharp corners. Additionally, the arrangement of furniture is significant. For example, positioning the play table in a commanding spot, visible from the door but not directly aligned with it, is recommended.

feng shui - good energy flow in kids rooms


a kid's room with a good energy flow and positive vibes


creative, energy-boosting, joyful kid's room


Light and Lamps

Maximise natural light as much as you can by using sheer curtains or blinds that allow sunlight to filter into the room. Natural light helps regulate sleep patterns and boost mood and energy levels. When you choose the lamps, opt for lamps with warm, soft white bulbs rather than cool white or blue-toned bulbs, as warmer light tends to be more conducive to relaxation and sleep. Additionally, look for lamps with dimming capabilities to adjust the brightness according to your child’s needs. Consider lamps with adjustable color temperature settings, allowing you to create a soothing atmosphere in the evening. Finally, choose lamps with shades or diffusers to help diffuse light evenly and reduce glare, creating a cozy ambiance that encourages relaxation before bedtime.


By following these tips, you can create a kid’s room that enhances vitality and promotes overall well-being, all while ensuring it remains enjoyable for your child.

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