As the seasons shift and the cool autumnal evenings close in earlier, there’s nothing quite like a cosy alcove bed to escape to. It’s interior hibernation of the highest order and a perfect spot for quiet contemplation or even a creative staycation!

Another upside of recessed living is that it maximises space in small rooms and, more often than not, includes built-in storage. This lends an ordered, minimal look, often absent in kids’ rooms.

Suppose space is at a premium, and you’re looking for an ingenious way to create an intriguing hideaway for your little one. In that case, you might find inspiration in these fabulous examples full of flair and finesse.


Brother and sister siblings get a different take on the same set-up with a built-in bed creation that takes on the appearance of a small dwelling. Original ceiling beams and a floor-to-ceiling white treatment give a hybrid thatched cottage modern barn conversion look. We love the rustic, exposed hanging wardrobe – its pared-back design in keeping with the country chic vibe.

A simple change of bedding and subtle colour palette tweak denotes a male and female leaning toward this stark but stylish scheme. Both versions are suitably non-polarising and could pass as a gender-neutral option.


There’s a touch of Swedish sauna in this natural approach to nook living created by a grandfather for his grandson. Colours are sparse, and careful curation of nature’s flinty greys, clay and terracotta fit the bill perfectly. A tub of forest glade faux foliage adds a verdant burst of disruption.

The fitted bed design makes a feature out of an awkward slanted ceiling and creates the illusion of space with clean vertical lines.


There’s a touch of Alice in Wonderland in this upside-down take on wallpapering wonder. A fragrant burst of blooms adorns the ceiling in a room that’s equal parts boho and contemporary chic. Height in the sloped ceilings and a wealth of light from the voile-clad window create a liberating sense of space and airiness. It’s a sharp contrast with the cosy confines of the built-in bed with soft touch storage concealed in its design. A lone star light casts a soothing glow over a welcoming space that feels like the perfect hideaway.

Treehouse meets bird box gives this unique creation an adventurous edge with a real sense of the outdoors. It’s chicken coop couture with all the allure of a luxe log cabin and some fabulously inventive detail. Take the bowling ball grip holes in the under-bed storage drawers – a feature that’s as practical as it is eye-catching.

A deep pine green adds to the forest feel, and the soft glow from a bedside light makes us think of cosy campfires, toasted marshmallows and inventive bedtime stories. It’s the perfect place to transport mini adventurers to their happy camper place.

Unpicking the brief to the interior designer who created this vision of beauty isn’t too tricky. ‘Build me a magical house bed in the walls that looks like it belongs in the pages of a high-end design magazine.’ Detail is kept to a minimum, but what’s there is deliberate and plays an important role in the overall production. A collection of soft furnishings in teal, putty, and alabaster works perfectly against the ‘house’s walnut interior. At the same time, a second peak in the off-white canopy mirrors the apex of this piece of precision carpentry.

This neat little nook takes the term boxroom to a whole new level. Built around a skylight, it maximises space and features and allows a beautiful shaft of light in to illuminate the carefully considered geometric lines and angles. A bespoke shelf is crafted around the window, following the slope of the ceiling and giving the illusion of a cross-section of the interior of a house. The shape theme continues with a circular rope swing positioned perfectly over a felted star mat. A colour palette of neutrals, brilliant white and pastel denim gives a cool Nordic air to this lofty spectacle, completed by a trio of hot air balloon decals.

Dark and light wood combine in an unlikely coupling to present a room full of warmth and cosy charm. A soft touch of powder puff pink on the lower wall lends a feminine air that’s complemented by a regal chandelier pendant and cut-out hearts in the shutter doors. It’s grown-up girlie glamour fit for a princess!

A cheeky leopard rug acts as the red-carpet entrance to this rather grand hideaway built into the eaves. The untreated, neutral wood allows the pops of colour in the room to breathe, in particular, a plummy pink vintage bedside table. The large square aperture accentuates the feature wall of sage green florals with a near-identical shade of bedding to match. A delicate string of lights signs off this cosy but grown-up room for starry nights of slumber.

Picture-perfect postcard vibes are what this shabby chic recess channels. Distressed shutters and whitewashed panelled walls court chalky white floorboards for an elegant Parisian look. A sheepskin-clad stool says grown-up glamour, while a paint-splattered effect rug doubles up as an art installation for the floor.

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