They’re the stuff of dreams when it comes to kids’ rooms, and literally a step up from single-level sleeping, but bunk beds are also a brilliant space-saving solution for tiny rooms and awkward spaces. Let us take you to dizzying heights with fifteen of our favourites, taking in all manner of creations from asymmetric and concrete cube constructions to draped dens and IKEA hacks come high sleepers. Hold tight!


This whimsical alcove bunk bed installation has a distinct Secret Garden vibe, befitting the property’s Notting Hill location. A pistachio and soft blush palette join forces with a feminine, floral mural to create a magical ambience straight out of the pages of a much-loved fable. The architectural designer behind the project, @MichaelisBoyd, calls it a ‘bespoke built-in bunk bed of dreams.’ In his opinion, carefully designed joinery is key to making any space functional, especially in children’s bedrooms.

Andrei Lychkouski

This fabulous piece of microarchitecture in Minsk gives us Nordic feels with its ‘back to nature’ design ethos. We love the clever use of colour blocking, incorporating the top of the bunk step ladders. Space is used to an absolute maximum, with the ladders doubling up as a play area, including ceiling-suspended gym rings and a crash mat. It’s clean and contemporary but still so playful.

Boho bunk beds are the order of the day in this serene, neutral space. Rattan has a strong presence and is carried through to the ceiling pendant and wall lights, while a base palette of oatmeal sets the stage for considered bursts of colour. The hues in the Scandi rainbow mural are picked out in the olive wardrobe, terracotta, and buttermilk bedlinen.

These offset built-in bunk beds were designed to pack as much storage as possible into Lucy and Jack’s compact shared bedroom. One of the main goals of the project was to remove the need for dressers to maximise play space – twelve drawers should certainly do the trick! The tall Shaker-style wardrobe supports the top bunk, creating an ingenious nook beneath, and we love the contrast of the untreated wooden ladder and rail guards against the pine green. Did you also spot the feature wall? It’s fabric, not wallpaper!


A painted concrete cube encases this set of dappled blush bunk beds for a totally minimal and futuristic take on split-level sleeping. We love the contrast between the smooth contours of the recurring circles and the defined strong lins and edges of the joinery in the shelves, desks and partitioned open cupboard. The design ethos is ultra-modern, but the sepia-toned effect of the colour scheme lends a nostalgic feel.


Who doesn’t love an IKEA Kura hack? In this case, it’s two of the famous mid-sleepers sandwiched together for a high-rise solution to a shared siblings’ room. It’s a small wonder that the conjoined bunks are the perfect height to reach the ceiling, but what’s even more impressive is the colour zoning. A vibrant burst of flamingo pink denotes ground-floor accommodation for the sister, but encasing it in a neutral navy provides a flawless transition to the upper boy’s quarters.

jäll and tofta

These bespoke bunk beds by Jakob and Sina of Berlin-based design studio Jäll & Tofta, stay true to their modern, modular design ethos. Here, it’s all about shape and colour. The contrast of the untreated wood against the bold mustard, teal and peach is sublime. Scalloped padding adds a functional feature, and the pleated curtains add a touch of utilitarian glamour. There’s purpose to every design feature, so nothing feels wasted or overengineered.

josh and jenna

It’s pretty in pink with a dab of mustard for these custom-built bunks, designed by  Josh and Jenna and made by master joiner @jo.emery Dulux Natural White on the walls keeps the backdrop clean to allow the design the space to breathe and shine. Cushions and textiles play a starring role in this production and some of its colours are ingeniously picked out in the woven lines of the rug. We love the ombre mohair-blend blanket by @rachelcastleandthings.


When Alex McCabe left St Kilda to return to her Mornington roots, she said goodbye to the colourful pops of colour that characterised her home there. The entire palette of her new home was inspired by the red of her neighbour’s soil! The wine railings of these custom-built bunks were further inspired by a lampshade she had purchased in Indonesia years before. She commissioned the steelmaker to match exactly the tiny strip of red in it! Now, that’s precision interior design.

This bespoke bunk bed design is literally next level. Declared by the designer herself as ‘the best bunk room ever’, we have to agree this is pretty spectacular. Concealed beds are framed by a stunning half-moon design panelling with grandiose stairs leading up to the top bunk. Despite the palatial aesthetic, there’s still real practicality built into the design – every step contains storage. And who doesn’t love a bunk with an escape slide!?


This project hits the spot on colour-blocking goals with a wonderful combination of pistachio and peach. We love how this much-loved paint technique is used to delineate the two levels. Even the wooden guitar is playing to the same tonal tune.

Built-in bunks is the way to go for compact rooms like this, making full use of the limited area and factoring in storage solutions and clever design features in otherwise dead space.


It’s back to basics for this modular bunk setup, but bare wood does not equal boring. The neutral sleeping quarters have been deliberately muted to let the textiles and linen do the talking. There’s storage aplenty, and the circular cutout detail on the drawers and portholes on the top bunk add another dimension. A larger bottom bunk can be a good solution for situations where older and younger siblings need to share, but it’s handy for small rooms that lack the space for chillout areas and sofas.

A bespoke fascia creates impact and a couple of cosy nooks in this variation of the traditional bunk bed approach. There’s just the right amount of contrast in the petal pink exterior to create a bright and airy feel in each of the recesses

The simplistic styling and sleek finish make it feel kid and adult-friendly, so this dual-level design could even inspire guest room projects for those with a shortage of space.

Sky-high loft living and sleek lines dominate in this contemporary construction. Pastel pink throughout adds a calming influence, perfectly suited to these sophisticated sleeping quarters. We love the seamless connection between the stairs, bed rail, and vertical slats, offering a pleasing flow of positive energy. It may look simple in design, but there’s deft joinery and skilled architecture at the heart of this creation.


This halfway house is perfectly suited for those with a little more space to play with. If you look carefully, these bunks are not fully recessed, but the illusion of a cosy nook is still achieved. We suspect those striking padded pastel green fingers are not just for aesthetics but designed to build out the space and also create a scalloped headboard of design dreams. The colour palette is surprising, genteel, and demure, though powerful and full of presence.

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