Part of the joy of being a twin is shared experiences. While that joy might not always extend to being dressed head to toe in the same clothes, sharing a bedroom can make the process of navigating childhood a whole lot more fun.

The jury is out on whether matchy matchy usurps the carving out of distinctly separate identities. It’s a matter of personal choice though the interior geek in us favours a fair bit of symmetry with the odd splash of personalisation thrown in for good measure.

Feast your eyes on this double helping of twin bedrooms and note the absence of the humble bunk. There are no arguments on who gets the vantage point from the top level, and there’s a subliminal undertone of equality and balance.

It’s almost like a game of spot the difference!


How apt that the yellow metal-framed bed in this sunshiney kids room is called New York – so good they named it twice! There are many shared features in this room, but some super subtle nuances and clever tweaks to provide a sense of identity for each child. Take the Pinky Leopard rug versus the Coolio Crocodile rug. The infographic style ‘boys can’ and ‘girls can’ prints by @garcon.milano are also a great way of denoting individuality within a shared space for mixed-gender twins.


A solitary cactus and abstract @target print are all that separate this vision of perfect symmetry. This shared boy’s space exudes calm with a soothing fusion of a minty green and crisp white. The wooden bed frames receive a lick of Valspar grey, adding a touch of masculinity and a shiplap ceiling, and artful colour blocking adds a sense of height with a fresh, colonial vibe.  The rattan sconces and mono print bedlinen complement this natural bedroom with just the right amount of texture and detail.


There’s so much to appreciate about Evelyne’s creative approach to her kids’ shared room. First up, the IKEA Utaker beds are a brilliant idea. They stack together to save space and can be used as a sofa, though Evelyne’s children often push them together to create what they call a mega bed.

Perhaps most impressive, though, is the homemade faux wallpaper. Yes, that’s right. These soothing Japanese style clouds were created with nothing more than a Sharpie paint pen and a steady hand!


Weathered wall boards create a rustic accent wall for Jess’s two wild things. This American farmhouse meets log cabin is just the cosiest of spaces. Fear not, for the magnificent but menacing cactus from @qvc is all faux and guaranteed to pass the kids’ interiors health and safety test! Earthy and natural tones dominate, resulting in an outdoorsy feel that’s clean and uncluttered.


For a compact room that’s out of this world, look no further for inspiration than in Mama Miriam’s expertly styled twin room. IKEA’s Hemnes day beds maximise the tight space with under bed drawer storage to stash away toys and clothes. They also create cosy cocoons for a bit of planetary contemplation, delivered courtesy of Authentic Models’ giant solar system mobile. A pairing of safari lion cushions by Ferm Living keep the spot saved until the twins retreat to their galaxy in the eaves.


This shared girl’s boho fairytale room is a vision of marshmallow pink with a fabulous pop of yellow in bloom. It’s Milton and King’s Garden Bunny wallpaper, illustrated by, that makes the room. Evoking Spring scenes in the English countryside, the sweet floral wallpaper is balanced by Sherwin Williams’ Ice Cube on the adjacent wall. Mono wall flags mark out the Weber girls’ territory while a panel of pretty, patterned piggy banks occupy the bare pine dresser.


 An identical design treatment gets top marks for this Glencoe Residence project with a touch of teal. There’s no wonder it was nominated for a Luxe RED award in classic interior design. Pom-pom trimmed pillows pick out the detail in the exquisite Jenny Lind beds, and those custom-made canopies are just divine. The hand-poured, hand-painted Champion lamp by Jana Bek takes centre stage and screams ‘winning’ with its trophy cup influences It’s a magical modern room set with a vintage spin that makes us want to run back to our tender years with open arms.


This collab project between @lilly_and_lolly and @darrenjamesinteriors channels chic caramel teamed with hues of charcoal. It’s a sophisticated space with an upmarket hotel room vibe. The bespoke beds by @ejpfurniture introduce geometric-shaped texture with their wispy grey headboards, and the woven cushions by @craftenterprises bring a Fendi-esque pattern to the slumber party. The room’ symmetry experiences mild disruption with a pillow tweak. There’s also a subtle difference in the complementary art prints by @designerboys.


The marvel of murals comes to the fore again in this delightfully simple pastel wall covering. The colouring is muted, but the magic is no less potent for it. Rattan headboards continue the natural theme with a cosy collection of blush-tinged bedlinen and a round of velvety apricot cushions completing this serene space.


Serena and Lily’s Summerside wallpaper provides a gentle backdrop for a pairing of sleek minimalist, metal-framed mirrors. Round mirrors add depth and dimension to décor and give the illusion of more compact rooms. We love the use of light and dark in this space, creating moody drama with a floaty ethereal feel. There’s no mistaking those signature Jenny Lind beds, bringing drama diffused only by the peachy, terracotta tones of the bed linen.


What’s not to love about a litter of cute puppies plastered all over the wall? Especially when they are the work of @chasingpaper and their Puppy Pile removable paper. You can almost taste the colour palette in this room; so sweet is the pic n’ mix inspired ‘candy store’ vibe.  Pink pop-pom fringed window panels frame the apex window wall, and a vibrant XO repeat rug creates a colourful gulf between the muted grey Jenny Lind bed frames.


Twinning with a subtle tweak here and there is our interpretation of this virtual walk in the poppy fields. Tiffany Jannell’s floral wallpaper can be credited with the cheerful coral bloom, offering a brief respite from the snowy scenes outside. A dusting of blush on the opposing walls balances the wildflower spirit with a couple of quirky features that halt full-on symmetry in its path. The detail is subtle but just look at the reverse colour-blocked legs on those nightstands and the contrast lamps too. The bedlinen sticks to the pastel brief, but a shade change here and there and a touch of individuality in the cushions carves out a little identity for each of the room’s occupants.


Lived-in luxe united by a khaki feature wall and a geometric rug – that’s the vibe that springs to mind when we look at this rainbow-fuelled haven. Even the pom-pom garland suggests a break in shared form. This room is a beautiful example of how to create a shared space with some uniformity but enough fluidity to develop self-expression. The beds might share the same origins, but the linens tell a different story, and though the storage of choice is trunks, the different pastel hues keep them distinct.

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