You have probably already heard the sad news that the creator of the world famous cartoon rabbit Miffy, Dick Bruna, passed away aged eighty-nine last month. If not we are sorry to have to be the ones to break it up to you.

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The Dutch artist and children’s author began his career as an illustrator of book jackets including Ian Fleming’s James Bond series and Georges Simenon’s Inspector Maigret thrillers and ended up having a long career spanning sixty years during which he became internationally well-known, writing and illustrating more than two hundred books. He was a humble and hardworking man who, despite accumulating a huge amount of wealth over the years, worked seven days a week and would rise in early hours every day.


When his son was just a year old, Dick Bruna would often tell him bedtime stories about a quirky little bunny he came across while he was on holiday in a village on the coast of the North Sea. And Miffy (little rabbit or Nijntje in Dutch) was born!

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She was surely Bruna’s most popular and best-known character with thirty-two books which were translated into more than fifty languages and sold more than eighty-five million copies.

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But Miffy was not an overnight success. At first, parents were not so impressed for the character was too simple. In one of his interviews, Bruna explained: “I thought it was nice to make everything as simple as possible to give children lots of room for their own imagination.” However, these elementary shapes, lines and primary colours were what made Miffy so iconic. Somehow with this minimalistic approach, he was able to capture and communicate a huge amount of personality and character.

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Of course, coming up with this genius design wasn’t easy. Years passed until he discovered the specific red, blue, green and yellow that would become known as the Bruna colours. The famous “x” shaped mouth and two dots for eyes were another difficulties Bruna had to cope with because, as he said: “That’s all you have. With two dots and a little cross I have to make her happy, or just a little bit happy, a little bit cross or a little bit sad – and I do it over and over again.


As Miffy enchanted millions of young children and adults, she moved from a drawing in a simple picture book to kids’ rooms and accessories. Despite being almost sixty-two years old, today she looks as fresh as the day she was born. Her distinctively cute design can be found on decor, clothes and stationery.

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Miffy themed bed sheets, wall prints, wallpapers, cushions, rugs and toys are perfect for cheering up any kid’s room, from monochrome to colourful. Featuring Miffy in a kid’s room is a great way to add a bit of pretty and style, and is cool enough for adults to enjoy it too.

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When it comes to the décor, the most inspiring use of this lovable character must be in the form of lights. Miffy shaped nightstand lamps, ceiling or floor lamps will light up the room in a practical and aesthetically pleasing way. No wonder they became so popular! Imagine reading your little one a bedtime story next to the Miffy lamp while it gently illuminates the room. From a tale invented besides the child’s bed to the source of light illuminating the birth of millions of new bedtime stories around the globe – what a journey for a tiny Miffy!

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Rest in peace, Dick Bruna, and thank you for all the joy you brought to so many children. You will never be forgotten!

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