If browsing through kids’ interiors inspires you, chances are you came across Mrs Mighetto’s mesmerising prints. In an abundance of artwork on kids’ decor market, Mrs Mighetto stands proud as the industry’s most wanted. Its dreamy imagery goes straight to the heart, leaving no one unaffected. Honestly, did you ever see anything like this before? But what is the story behind the brand?

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norsu interiors

norsu interiors

Mrs Mighetto is a brainchild of two Swedish girls, Malin Mighetto and Anna Sylvan. Their watercolour sketches feature a fantasy world full of mystery and drama. Malin paints the characters and Anna brings them to life by telling stories about their magical personalities. It all started as a hobby of two friends who felt they needed to share their passion with the world. Their efforts ended up as a successful business, whose products are now available for sale in more than 20 countries worldwide.

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norsu interiors

Mrs Mighetto’s illustrations feature the most amazing colour palette – soft greys on a white backdrop with touches of muted colours. Just a perfect decor for a gender neutral nursery or kids’ room. Dreamy watercolour tones give off a warm and inviting feel and will provide the room with a calming mood. These poetic prints full of love appeal to kids of all ages and will grow with them in the years to come. They can be matched with any style, but look particularly gorgeous in vintage-inspired fairy-like rooms, with cosy canopies, playful pillows and garlands.

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Mrs Mighetto’s first collection, Superheroes, came to light back in October 2014 and it was sold out in less than two weeks. Malin and Anna decided that reprinting was off the table, and Mrs Mighetto’s products became collector’s pieces.

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Each collection brings a new storyline and unique characters with their own names, super gifts and magical tools. Superheroes brought us Miss Betty, Miss Flora, Miss Tyra and Mr Olle, Fantastic Four Henry, Bosse, Sally and Majken, Into the Woods Mr Ted, Miss Märta (named after Malin daughter), Mr Eric and Miss Esther (named after Anna’s daughter), Wondergirls Miss Elsa-Stina and Miss Harriet, Among the Clouds Miss Lily, Miss Edit, Mr Valter and Mr Oscar, Les Petits Miss Lola, Miss Vivienne, Mr Jack and Mr Francis, Selected by Billie-Rose and Ruby-Li, Circus Mighetto Dear Lion, Dear Elephant, Miss Astrid, Miss Klara, Mr Otis and Miss Gertrude. The latest print range The End of the Forest tells the story of the mysterious land hidden at the end of the forest and the guardians protecting its entrance. Thanks to their special skills Miss Alice, Mr Charlie, Miss Vera, Flying Sparrow, Dear Fawn and Dear Toffle manage to keep The Land in the Sky the best-kept secret of all the ages.

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Recently, Mrs Mighetto’s magic worlds Oh Clouds and Circus Mighetto got their wallpaper editions, so if you enjoy their aesthetics there is no need to limit yourself on wall art exclusively. With its peculiar sheer touch, these fantasy wallpapers will invite the kids on a journey through the imagination. So simple and busy at the same time, they will blend in the rest of the room easily and give it a distinctive character.

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mrs mighetto circus wallpaper

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Mrs Mighetto is here to remind us what dreams are made of. Dare to be different, spunky and just a bit odd. If you put your heart and soul into it, results will loom. We all have our secret dreams, we just have to follow them.

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jimmy cricket

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A whole army of mythical creatures with distinguished sensibilities. We invite you to get to know them and their stories and choose your favourites according to your children’s personalities. Not only would Mrs Mighetto’s little people become your kids’ most cherished part of the room, but they would also serve as wonderful bedtime stories the whole family will enjoy.

A selection of Mrs Mighetto posters can be purchased at the Designstuff website

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