One of the most magnificent creatures in the entire animal kingdom, swans have taken up a special place in hearts of many around the world. Especially kids’, who are mesmerised by their soft white feathers, long elegant necks, and quirky personality. These gracious and noble animals, like their popular counterparts flamingos, have managed to become stars in many interiors for some time now, making a big statement through wallpapers, prints, art, and many more. And we are here today to present to you several great ways to help the swan nest in your little one’s bedroom.

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Let’s start with the walls as the best way to display whimsical motifs of these beloved animals. As always, you can choose to adorn entire walls with charming swan wallpapers or just decorate them with a bunch of adorable prints. If you are a fan of Mrs Mighetto, you should definitely take a look at their collection Oh Clouds!, where swans are nestled high up in the clouds, carrying mysterious superheroes of a hidden world. Hibou home also has some interesting wallpapers featuring swan queen – a perfect fit for any princess’ room.







Talking about the walls, another popular solution that can be easily implemented are the swan trophy heads. One of the many, but certainly the easiest one to catch on Instagram is Odette Swan Head by Sew Heart Felt with its delicate feathers and powdery pink crown. Is there a more welcoming creature to be watching over your precious ones’ for you?







Cushions can also be a smart solution if you are looking to introduce swans in a more subtle way. Acting as a cute décor piece by day, by night time they will provide much-needed comfort to your toddler while getting ready to fall asleep.




This shelf by Devine Design will undoubtedly be the ultimate statement piece in your kid’s room where treasures can take the spotlight.


Swans are caring animals, so they’ve decided to help babies fall asleep more easily by disguising themselves as nursery mobiles. Gracious nights guaranteed..



A swan in a kid’s room is a classic, so you don’t have to worry about it going out of vogue. If your little princess finds herself mesmerised by the theme, there’s nothing stopping you from bringing in some white feathery delight into her chambers.

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