Summer is here and it’s carrying with it a rainbow of colours and inspiration. Mother Nature is eager to embrace the season with new fresh ideas and because Nature is undoubtedly the world’s best designer and colour expert, let us listen carefully to what She has to say on the subject and try to incorporate some of the summer hues into the kids’ rooms.


When you think of summer, what is the first colour that comes to mind? If you said green, then you are part of the vast majority who feel that way too. Green is most definitely the synonym for summer and is nature’s favourite and widespread colour for a good reason. It is proven as the most restful for the human eye, symbolising growth, freshness and harmony. Mother nature knows what we need the most right now. A whole spectrum of green hues from deep forest and sea green to mint and sage green are always welcomed guests in kids’ rooms; some as shades that will carry the entire space and others just as accents.

green leavy wallpaper


nursery with green



wallpaper with sheep



green nursery blanket



A summergarden would look dull without pink. In the same way as pink flowers such as roses, rhododendrons or camelias add vibrance to a garden, so it does to a kid’s room. For a cooler look, combine it with white, or add sunshine with yellow details.




babyletto crib


pink kids furniture



Take a glance at any spring meadow or garden, and you are going to see an array of beautiful colours gleaming before your eyes. One particular hue dancing in the gentle breeze stands out from the crowd – purple! Look no further than the pretty Wild Violets, alluring Crocus, dazzling Hyacinths and get inspired instantly. You’ve all probably seen and sniffed them at one point. And just as these flowers embellish the habitat around them, their lovely hues are going to sweeten up the kids’ rooms. Whether it’s just a pop or a purple paradise, this particular spring shade will create an enchanting environment in your little one’s bedroom.

purple textiles kid's room


purple kids bedding



The Narcissus and Daisy flowers are showing off its beautiful yellow petals to everyone, the sunshine is making us happy, so consider bringing this joyful colour into the kid’s room too. For the longer and darker days, it will bring energy and stimulation.

yellow in kid's room psychology


mexican vibe kid's room


yellow canopy




You may ask yourselves how did white end up here? Did it get lost on its way to the Scandi and winter-themed kids’ rooms article? Well, no! While this mother of all neutrals is typically associated with snow and polar bears, it is also one of spring’s most favoured colours. The snowdrop flower is actually the first herald of this season! However, if you overdo with white, you can easily step over the line and invite winter back in by mistake. So, take it easy!

white teepee


romantic girl's room


Are you ready to bring the summer into the kid’s room?

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