During cold winter times, every parent desires to keep their young ones as warm and cosy as possible, especially in their rooms where they’ll be spending most of their time now. There are apparently endless ways to forge a tucked away space, but our aim here will be to bring a wintery feel to the place and make it snug at the same time. Like a mountain peak or an endless field covered in fresh snow, shimmering in the sun, your kid’s room is going to look as tranquil and serene. So, let’s go through the steps required to bring a bit of the cosy winter’s magic in our little one’s rooms.

christmas themed kids room


wintery kids room


white wintery nursery



The prime colour palette showing up across the whole room is going to be the one that we usually identify with this time of the year. Yes, you guessed it! We are of course thinking about the pure whites of a newly formed blanket of snow, frozen lake light blues and the greyish hues of snow clouds. Instead of splashing various vibrant colours, try playing with the wintery palette to achieve contrast and add playfulness to the room. You’ll also be amazed at what pops of black can do to an all-white room together with the always refreshing wood elements!

nursery styling


all-white kids room


cosy playroom


white nursery

oh eight oh nine

neutral gender childrens rooms



There’s a couple of ways to handle the walls. You could just go monochrome with a pure white and then later add pattern, for example, with repeating dots that are acting as snowflakes or opt for two complementary hues. Two toned walls are always a great opportunity to experiment! You’ll easily be able to create outlines of mountain ranges with mandatory snowy tops just to stay in the theme.

kids room snowflakes


mountain peaks kids room

mamma line

montana style nursery



The floor is every kid’s favourite playground and making it as comfortable as possible is your number one priority! We suggest going for an imitation sheepskin rug and placing it on your kid’s favourite play spot or nook for the wintercabin look. Or a large white rug will remind your little one of the snow on the ground. You can’t get cosier than that!

sheepskin rug nursery


white cloud rug


false sheepskin rug


princess girls bed


white grey kids rooms



With the shelfie craze showing no signs of slowing down, now’s a perfect opportunity to get creative with shelves in your kid’s room. Whether you’re going to bring winter in with a snowy mountain-shaped shelve or by arranging winter-inspired accessories and details is all up to you. Get inspired by these fantastic photos!

mountain peak shelf


wintery mountain shelfie

hudson and harlow

woodland shelves


mountain decor on furniture

jose russchen

wintery shelfies



Introduce some cute woodland creatures to the whole story in the form of plush toys, prints, bed sheets and framed pictures. But not just any – reindeers, bears, penguins, foxes and everyone’s favourite white bunny Miffy all go great with the theme. Although they don’t like winter, the cosiest animals out there – panda bears perfectly fit the environment as you’ll quickly see.

wildlige wall trophy kids room

my domaine

panda wall trophy


penguins in kids rooms


kids rooms with woodland animals


The secret is in detail. What are the things that remind you of winter the most, that you could bring in your kid’s room? Is it a pine tree, snowflakes, stacked wood or maybe a log for chopping wood? Don’t be afraid to experiment. There are plenty of ways to bring winter cosiness to your dearest room.

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