Today, we have some fresh news from the world of colours we would like to share with you. Earlier this week the design world’s leading colour authority, Pantone Colour Institute, announced their pick for the colour of the year 2018 and it is going to be… ULTRA VIOLET!

pantone ultra violet in kids rooms

PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet is one of those shades that leaves no one indifferent. People usually either love it or hate it, but it always triggers some deep emotions. This bold blend of two strong colours, red and blue, is considered to be gender neutral, but not many boys would say yes to painting their room in purple hues. A sad fact actually, since purple can bring a special kind of atmosphere in kids’ interiors that breaks all gender barriers and simply feels great to be around. And you will soon understand why.

purple in kids room

 This provocative colour comes straight from the night skies and promises all the mysteries and adventures that are hiding in the outer space. The limitless sky vouches that nothing is impossible if you keep on dreaming and exploring what lies ahead. In all its mindfulness, Ultra Violet can help you create a safe nook for a growing non-conformist, always ready to push the boundaries in a pursuit of a better world. It shows that the future is bright and everyone can find their lucky star in this purple sky.

miann and co

miann and co

purple in nursery rooms

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Big words to describe a colour, but this is what Pantone had in mind when they chose Ultra Violet to be the colour of the year 2018. In their words:

“Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.”

Could there be any better symbolics for the colour in kids’ interiors? Hardly. Ultra Violet has it all. It inspires, tickles the imagination, brings possibilities and offers solutions. And not just that! Purple has always been associated with magic and wisdom, and we are yet to meet a child who wouldn’t enjoy bringing a bit of magic in their quarters.

purple childrens rooms


pantone colour of the year


ultra violet in kids rooms


If you decide to bring in a fresh hint of Ultra Violet in your kid’s room, keep in mind that regardless of the cool factor it carries, this particular shade of purple is rather strong, so it would be wise to introduce it in accents. You can easily make a statement with just a few pieces. Going for bed linen and throw pillows is a perfect solution for those not yet sure about how they feel about this shade since they can be easily changed without breaking into a bank. Ultra Violet can be a brilliant solution for creating a unique statement piece, and we are sure that many DIY enthusiasts will take this opportunity to polish their painting skills and shine in the trendy Instagram sky. But knowing the industry, gorgeous purple fabrics, furniture and toys are soon going to be so much easier to find.

purple violet in girls room

winter daisy

purple in baby nurseries

purple kids bed

Like it or not, but purple is here to stay. Ultra Violet probably won’t take over the throne from millennial pink (Greenery wasn’t even close last year), but it will undoubtedly lead us in further exploration of purples we are eager to see in the months to come.

What do you think?

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