For a look straight out of nature, leafy room themes offer a fresh direction for nurseries and children’s bedrooms. Symbolic of growth and green shoots, this natural interior décor look breathes life into living spaces and is the perfect early introduction to the wonders of the world for enquiring minds.

The leaves trend is very of-the-moment, but it’s been around for decades, with roots firmly planted in the forties when banana leaf wallpaper was all the rage at the iconic Beverley Hills Hotel.

We love the versatility of the leaf look. A subtle tweak of fronds and your room can take on an altogether different appearance. Tropical, jungle-like, romantic-florals and boho-chic, minimal bamboo, or enchanted woodland, this theme has endless opportunities.

 It’s the perfect time for a fresh revival and dreaming of adventure, so we’ve compiled a selection of some of our favourite leaf-inspired rooms.

kid's room with tropical leaves wallpaper


Your little ones don’t even have to leave their rooms to see the world. Seated comfortably on a map rug, they can journey into a lush rainforest of exploration. There’s something of a British Colonial vibe about the dark green leaves and rattan furniture in this adorable kids’ room.

baby nursery with foliage decor


The tropics beckon, transporting two little adventurers into the dense jungle.

girl's room with green


White woodwork and a paler palette of botanicals give way to an alternative take on tropical. Pretty pink pastel bedding and a flamingo-embellished cushion set the scene for more laidback, beachy vibes.

monstera leaves wallpaper nursery


Oversized palms in pastel encourage a delicate amble into the wild. A dash of peachy pink hints at Malibu vibes and who doesn’t love a good helping of matchy-matchy? Done by Deer serves up a bountiful crop of tiny tropic accessories including bedding, soft furnishings and toys.

blue foliage wallpaper


The break from convention here opens up new colour channels for jungle wallpaper. This cool neutral print from @these.walls houses more than first meets the eye and passes the longevity test, seeing your room plan through different periods of your child’s growth. Zoom in on the pretty, pale blue print for swinging monkeys and a camo cheetah print.

sandberg wallpaper kids room


Sandberg’s Raphael wallpaper continues the alternative take on foliage with a dreamy Wedgewoodesque blue and white treetop print. The minimalist treatment in this room, complete with metal-framed bed and subtle styling lends a Victorian quality.

olive green canopy kids room


Another walk on the blue-hued wild side yields this sublime custom-made, panoramic wallpaper – beautifully complemented with the olive canopy, minty leaf and teal mushroom soft furnishings.

big leaves in kids room


If ever there was a positive spin on the term greenhouse effect, this is it. We love the way that this darling house bed from the guys @km_design_co brings the outdoors in. The vintage flora and fauna mural by @livetteswallpaper tops and tails the wall, creating an almost 3D effect. Delicate flourishes of creeping ivy, potted plants and foliage rugs underfoot, bring tranquillity and the spirit of a secret garden. Perfect for fuelling the imagination and trips to faraway fantasy lands.

tent style wooden kids bed


A nod at the free spirit of a happy camper but with all the creature comforts of home, this modern adventurer’s retreat has foliage galore without a pesky bug in sight. And that tepee-framed bed is just crying out for the impromptu den treatment with the casual draping of a blanket.

discrete foliage wallpaper


Light and airy but oh so cosy, this room makes us want to run for our petticoats and ballet slippers. The graceful wallpaper has an almost floral-like appearance, delicately littered with arching fern-like leaves. Fit for a princess, indeed.

dark foliage wallpaper


This stunning Tanglewood Forest Nightfall wallpaper by LemonxAureum is the stuff of fairy tales. An enchanting cornucopia of leaves leads to complex layers and depths you can lose yourself in. Perfectly complemented by the natural dolls house and wicker accessories, this is a room full of hidden adventure.

bamboo wallpaper decals


In complete contrast, the stark but beautiful simplicity of this minimal room décor leaves no place to hide. A scattering of bamboo on the wallpaper introduces an oriental influence and the smart positioning of the natural coat stand, apparently sprouting vegetation, is divine.

leafy wallpaper kid's room


There’s something wonderfully retro about this bedroom. Maybe it’s the intricately carved Palm Springs bed head and side table or the custom-colour cheese plant leaf wallpaper. Or is it the modern interpretation of the 70’s candlewick bedspread? We’ll let you decide.

pink and black girl's room


If vintage romance is your vibe, you will fall in love with the feminine styling in this positively perfect girls’ room. An abundance of rose blush teamed with boho floral wallpaper and rattan make for a magical space. You can almost feel the fairy dust in the air.

girl nursery with earthy orange


Rusty leaves are the way to go for earthier palettes. We love the pared-back feel of this room but don’t be fooled; all the detail is right there. We adore the retro-palette rainbow rug, the bold burst of tangerine of the fitted cot sheet and we didn’t miss the matching rose-gold storage hardware and tonal, wooden car décor.


The subtle styling and dressing of your leafy habitats can add those all-important details.

leafy cot sheet bedding

Delicate leaves on fitted sheets and bedding allow you to vary your vegetation, bringing in new species and forms at will. They also work wonders against natural furniture like rattan, bamboo, cane and wicker.

leaf rugs for nursery or kid's room

Rugs offer a non-permanent feature but can create a strong focal point in a room, adding layers and warmth as you go. There’s also a lifelike quality about the way leafy rugs appear to have fallen from the trees, scattered in an uncontrived manner, life imitating nature in the home.

Quilted pastel leaves take on a sap-filled appearance and look fabulous layered on other neutral textiles like sisal, coir and seagrass while super-soft velvet touch leaves contrast well with timber flooring.

leaf cushions nursery kid's room

There’s been a proliferation of leafy soft furnishings in recent years, and it seems totally feasible to source a variety to suit your particular foliage needs.

We love these maple leaves in a myriad of colours and prints by while the placement of Cam Cam’s quilted leaf on the mini Chesterfield @pourmonfuturamour is the epitome of cute.  A vibrant pop of traditional leafy green fit for a hungry caterpillar is the exquisite handiwork of Peppermint Tree Creations.

leaf garland baby nursery


Garlands add playful decoration to a room, and these quilted linen leaves by @moi_mili are no exception. Strung on natural cord with wooden beads they fit the bill for forest and woodland themes with gorgeous jewelled autumnal tones.

white beige leaf garland nursery or kid's room


A neutral leaf garland and clay and blush floral storage case in this room  add dainty detail to this romantically stacked coat hook shelf.

Just as leaves come in many shapes and sizes, so do the rooms that they decorate. Botanical, forest, jungle or country garden, let the leaves take your child, safely, wherever they want to roam. It’s a perfect theme for children’s rooms, symbiotic with their growth, exploration and development. A theme of opportunity, ripe for change and with skilful accessory tweaks along the way, it’s an evergreen interior design theme that offers much scope for transition.

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