If you’re a mum-to-be or have just welcomed your little bundle of joy into your life, chances are that you have spent some time browsing through interior products and toys for your little baby. In an abundance of baby essentials, textiles, décor and baby toys on the market, Done by Deer’s Tiny Tropic collection stands out with their incredibly cute designs, combining adorable animal characters with tropical foliage accented by delicate golden details. This special collection went straight to our hearts so we are delighted to present it to you today.

done by deer collection

tiny tropics collection

Part of the appeal of the Tiny Tropics collection is that it is simultaneously simple yet creative by its distinctive graphic Done by Deer style. The sleek Scandinavian design aesthetics and bold nod to the wilderness complement each other perfectly – whether you place the items in the middle of the living room or in the nursery, they’ll blend in and create interest in any interior design scheme. The tropical theme is also a perfect gender-neutral theme that works great for girls and boys alike.

tropical nursery decor

tropical baby body suits

Let’s take a closer look on how the cute little Deer friends – Antee, Croco, Elphee, Nozo, Ozzo, Raffi and Zebee will join your baby’s imagination and adventurous everyday journey.


Learning to eat and sit at the table becomes fun! The set includes a plate, bowl, spoon, cup and an anti-slip silicone leaf placemat. Seize the opportunity to encourage some storytelling about the tropical jungle and how proud all the animals are of your baby’s achievements.

dinner set done by deer

bamboo plates cups babies


Like a butterfly on a leaf, the cozy nest will provide a tranquil place to rest whilst the bedding and quilt will provide a soft and comfortable sanctuary. For the total tropical vibe, let your baby sleep in one of the cute body suits with either large green leaves or black and white Deer friends.

cozy nest tropical pattern

green padded quilt nursery

monstera leaf bedding baby

tropical nursesry baby bedding


What could be a better way to stimulate your baby’s imagination than with this incredibly multi-activity gym including rattles, mirrors, crinkle sounds, tags, shapes and textures? The toys can  change position on the arch or be attached to the mat with the toy links. What we really love too is that it is flexible and freestanding – easy to place anywhere or to bring on your travels!

red dot award playgym

quilted baby playmat


Babies learn all about the world around them through their senses. They’re little explorers so anything that they can chew, watch and focus on, listen to and touch will help stimulate their curiosity whilst stimulating the senses. Contrasting colours and distinct graphic designs are proven to catch a baby’s attention better so with the Tiny Tropics toy Collection  you’ll be sure to create an environment that supports the early development of your child.

red dot awards baby toys

tiny tropics baby toys

The Tiny Tropics Collection really ticks all the right boxes in terms of design, practicality, functionality, safety – and definitely has our cuteness stamp on it!  We really love the gift sets too which would be perfect for a babyshower or for your baby’s first monthly birthdays.

We couldn’t agree more on Done by Deer’s manifesto:

 “We design with a distinctive graphic edge. The philosophy is simple. We combine innovative design safety and a daring use of colours. This makes every product outstanding”

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