Whether you are a parent of a newborn or a toddler you are certainly aware of the soothing effect that rocking has, helping them fall asleep. And if your kid is a little older, swinging can be one of the best sources of fun and physical activity, stimulating muscle development, flexibility, balance, coordination and eye development. But on the other side, it can also be a way to rest and relax the young mind. From suspended bassinets in nurseries to swings and hammocks hanging from the ceiling of your little one’s room, we are going to show you how swinging doesn’t just have to be an outdoor activity.

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Newborns especially enjoy the swinging motion that suspended bassinets provide. This cosy piece of baby gear helps them overcome the huge transition from the mother’s womb to their nurseries more easily than a traditional crib. And because the cradle is freely hanging, by wiggling and jerking, the baby is taking part in lulling itself to sleep.

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Every kid wishes to have their own private little nook where they can retreat at any time, and the hanging chair can be just that! It is a perfect place for your little one to settle down and have a quiet moment with a book or a magazine. To increase the experience, create an ambience that is going to be as comfortable as possible by loading it up with pillows and throws. The best part of this playful yet personal element is that it grows along with a child and because there are so many styles out there, you are bound to find one that fits the room’s design scheme.

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Although similar to a hanging chair, the hammock swing is different in the sense that it’s not as rigid and can provide an extra bit of comfort for your kid. And if you are a DIY person and enjoy building things for or with your kid rather than buying, the hammock chair is something to put on the list.

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Time and time again it has been proven that swinging is the activity children enjoy the most. So, carry over a part of the playground atmosphere to your little one’s room with a good old swing and not even rain or cold weather is going to be an obstacle for this fun and healthy activity. You can make the indoor swing the room’s statement piece as they are surprisingly versatile and can look sleek and industrial, or even full-on bohemian. The swing can also be used as extra seating when your kid is having friends over.

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There are a lot of other ways to introduce swinging in your kid’s room, like a tire swing or a simple rope suspended from the ceiling with a pedestal at the end. But whatever you do, remember, SAFETY FIRST! Make sure to doublecheck that the knots are well tightened and the hammock is firmly mounted on the ceiling.

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