Preparing for the stork’s arrival is never an easy task. There are many decisions you have to make and one of the first is where your baby is going to sleep. There are two options in front of you: you could immediately get a cot, or you might opt for a cute and stylish little bassinet first. Some parents think that a bassinet is an unnecessary investment as it can only be used for approximately four months. However, because newborns spend most of the time sleeping, the small womb-like bassinet becomes the centre of their world and at the same time the centre design piece of the room.

vintage nursery bassinets


The main reason most parents decide to get a bassinet is to be able to co-sleep with their angels. Sleeping in the same bed with a baby is not considered safe, and many bedrooms are not spacious enough for welcoming a crib alongside the bed. If sleeping in separate rooms is not an option for you, a small and comfy bassinet will save the day. There are even specially designed co-sleeping bassinets you can lean on any adult-sized bed. Easy access for the mid-night feedings and portability (you can simply wheel it to a more convenient place during the day) are just some of the perks of using the bassinet. If being able to carry your baby around without disturbing its sleep is the most important to you, then Moses basket (with a stationary part) should be your number one choice.

cot next to the bed


cot with wheels


To suit different tastes and needs, bassinets come in a variety of shapes and materials. But whichever you settle for, you can be sure your fragile little sweetheart will be safely tucked in.

If you are a fan of the old-time charm and warmth, wicker bassinet is probably the one for you. It has been used since the ancient times, and for a good reason. It’s quite handy because of its light weight and, let’s be honest, it simply looks stunning! If treated with care, wicker bassinet can last for generations, so why not be the one to start the beautiful tradition of passing it down.

wicker bassinet nursery

vintage wicker cot bassinet

wicker cot baby

rainbow sticker kids room

love mae

nursery with bassinet

wicker bassinet cots

If wicker bassinet is not your cup of tea, look no further than wood. Wooden bassinets come in the most versatile selection of shapes and colours and go well with any decorating style. Bassinets constructed from wood give off the feeling of stability and durability – everything a parent could ask for its baby.

natural beech bassinet

wooden cradle cots bassinets

vintage wooden bassinet cot


For parents who like to experiment with the decor, there are more edgy ideas worth considering. Bassinets made of metal and plastic are just some of the available options.

gold nursery bassinet cot


plexiglass bassinet cot

metal cots or bassinet


Thanks to their ability to swing and bounce at the same time, suspended bassinets make a fantastic sleeping place. If suddenly awaken during the night, the soft bouncing of the cradle will help your little one fall back to sleep in no time. These moves closely resemble the feeling of sleeping in the womb, providing your baby with the biggest satisfaction.

red hanging bassinet cot

hanging crochet cot

hanging textile bassinet cot

double hanging cot for twins

mama margharita

cot hanging from ceiling

suspended wicker cots

If a hanging bassinet is just too much but you still liked the idea of rocking your baby to sleep, you can opt for a rocking bassinet instead. It’s not as mobile but it will be enough to help your little one fall asleep more easily. You can choose from ones that swing from left to right, or front to back.

white wooden cradle

oliver furniture

rocking cradle nursery


rockwekk cradle monte design

monte design

There are countless choices at your fingertips, but bare in mind that there is not one that is more beneficial than others. As long as it’s safe for your infant, it will do just fine.


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