Designing a kids’ room always requires a bit more consideration than with any other room in the house. When you think about colours, you don’t think only about how they will look like in the given space, but also how they will affect kids’ brain development. When choosing beds, you have to have in mind the children’s age and their needs. If you bought a bassinet/cradle when your baby was born, and it has been about three or four months since then, it is probably time to upgrade the room with a cot/crib. Just as any other item in the kids’ room a cot can also serve as a decorative element. Here are some ideas on how to use a cot as an element of originality in the kids’ room.

wooden cot with stars

creme anglaise


The most original cots are of course found amongst the vintage ones. If you have an old wooden cot on the attic, left from the time when you or maybe your parent was a kid you can breathe in new life to it, by giving it some sandpaper treatment and a fresh coat of paint. It will give the cot a specific retro vibe. You can play the “oldie” card by creating a timeworn look or go completely the opposite and paint the cot in bright conspicuous shades. Bare in mind though that you will have the most original cot ever – but you won’t be have the the same safety guarantees and standards as modern cots found in commerce today.

wooden vintage cot bed

vintage cot beds

vintage nursery cots

vintage nursery furniture



Another way to inject a vintage vibe into the nursery would be by introducing a wicker cot. This material carries a memory of some simpler times when our grandmothers kept a lot of their stuff in wicker baskets. Now it is back as a furniture trend, especially for children’s rooms. It fits perfectly in a natural room that is trying to evoke a “forest look”, but it also goes surprisingly well with modern textiles and prints.

wicker cot

latelier du petit parc

vintage nursery cot

chouette fabrique

adline affre

latelier du petit parc

wicker nursery cot

wicker babycot


Metal cots are as traditional as it gets, since they were used back in the second half of the 19th century. This fact should give you an idea how to fit in a metal cot into the nursery room. You’ve guessed it – by vintage design. However, there are modernly designed metal cots, which are usually very minimalistic, so if a kids’ room is already overwhelmed with textures, colors and shapes, you can tone everything down with a metal cot.

vintage metal cot

vintage girl nursery

yellow vintage nursery



The originality in wooden cots depend on the way they have been designed, by their lines and curves. Handmade wooden cots can be particularly charming and will definetly stand out in a nursery that has been decorated in soft earthy tones.

handmade wooden cot

original wooden cot


original wooden cots


Children begin developing their imagination from the moment they’re born. Any cot that aids that purpose is a great cot. A cot with a roof will inspire a lot of creative ideas and later even endeavors, and when the kid overgrows it, serve as a refuge for daydreaming.

cot with a roof


white housebed for children


blue house cot

original cot

It is logical to search for furniture that will make your interior design efforts pay off, especially with the nursery cot as it is such a centerpiece in the room. But don’t forget that even the simplest cot can look outstanding and original by adding your own personal touch to it. It could be the simplest wooden cot by Ikea for example, that you paint in an original colour or way, or by adding an original décor accessory to it, such as a hanging bunting flag for example.

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