Kids simply love hiding! Ask any child, and they will probably tell you that hide and seek is their game of choice. And how many times have you found the tablecloth or bed sheets playing the role of a castle, tent or a hiding spot? It’s every boy’s and girl’s dream to have a secret little, adult-free space, where they can reflect, read, be creative and most importantly, be alone. Let’s be honest, that’s one dream we adults sometimes share with the young ones.

For some kids, just having their room is enough, but for the ones who want a little more privacy, here are some great ways to make a perfect hideaway.

cool loft beds for kids

incredible kids spaces

incredible loft beds for children


The loft bed is a handy piece of furniture for so many reasons. It saves space; the bottom part can serve as a play corner, lounge or homework area and the top bunk can both be used for sleeping by night and as a fantastic hideaway by day. Since it is high up, a kids-only ladder with exclusive and restricted access separates it from the ground below. The loft bed can act as a watchtower or tree house from where your kids can observe everything around while playing or reading.


Teepees are the latest must-have accessories for kids’ room! Resembling blanket forts and castles, they make an excellent addition to just about any play area. You can opt for a store-bought one or easily make one yourself. With some twine, closet dowels and a bed sheet, you can create a homemade sanctuary in no time. The tepee will become your kids’ favourite spot in the room for playing, napping and as a story-time nook.

black/white teepee


The teepee and the canopy have so much in common. They are light, portable and can be placed almost anywhere. They can both serve as hideouts for babies and toddlers alike. And if there is one piece of decor that stands for cosiness, it must be the canopy.

cosy reading corner under canopy


light pink canopy

mustard canopy



Make a big statement in a tiny space! An unused closet or a space under the stairs is just waiting to be turned into an intimate setting for your little one. However, these hiding spots are often small and dark, so make most of the limited space and maximize the storage potential with wall to wall shelving while using bright colours and smart lighting. Don’t forget to add a few floor cushions to maximize the comfort.

shop made from cupboard

hide-in rooms for kids

cool hide-in spaces for kids



A hideaway in a kids’ bedroom doesn’t necessarily have to be divided by any walls or heights. With a few simple tweaks, just about any corner of their room can be converted into serving this purpose. Comfy rug, pillows or even a lazy bag are the essential elements, and the rest is up to you to make it as attractive as possible.

On the other hand, if you are feeling creative, the sky is the limit. Build your princess the castle she deserves, or raise the bar even more and add some labyrinth elements to the otherwise dull hideaway.

cosy corners in childrens rooms


build hide-in for playroom


castle hide-in for kid's room


diy hideaway for kid's room



Why not make the whole room a hideout? If you live in a house, creating one on the attic is going to topple all the above! It’s secluded, tucked away, and bright since the attic windows generally allow in lots of sunshine during the daytime. And when the night falls, curious eyes will enjoy stargazing until they fall asleep.

kids bed for attic


childrens bed for attic

Coming up with a hideaway spot for the youngsters is super easy and can be budget friendly too. No matter how much space you can dedicate to the cause, it will be worth every inch. And we promise you the kids will LOVE it!

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