Ask any toddler what would he like to do and you will get the same answer – I wanna play for a whole day! And he should! Playing is not only fun, but it is also essential for a child’s healthy brain development. Providing a creative and safe place where kids can spend unstructured free time is one of the most exciting tasks a parent can do. If you are not among the lucky few who can dedicate a whole room to a playroom, don’t feel discouraged. By following the tips below, a corner of a kids’ room, or even living room, can be turned into an inspiring playing nook.

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If you are an avid pinner you probably already have a Pinterest board filled with ideas and latest playroom trends. But don’t forget whom are you doing this for. Just because you admire an aesthetics of a certain room, doesn’t mean it will provide the same sort of fulfilment for the youngsters. Try to figure out what your kids would enjoy the most, or, if they are old enough, include them in the decision-making process. This way they will feel a much stronger connection to the space.

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Don’t get overly themy no matter how persuasive your little ones are. As their inner world develops, kids’ taste changes and therefore their toys and hobbies. The ultimate playroom should be able to follow these changes and grow with children.

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All playrooms have one thing in common, they are zoned according to the type of play they host. Zoning the space is the best way to create a safe heaven for siblings who are sharing the playroom, but it will also help you deal with the inevitable mess of their creative play. To stop your house from becoming a post-tornado chaos you will need a lot of storage space. Mixing an open and closed storage is your best bet if you want to make it look effortless.

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No playroom is complete without a cosy hideaway. Being a kiddo in this big world can sometimes be overbearing, so having a little retreat specially designed for you can make a huge difference in a child’s life. Kids need their privacy and the opportunity to reflect and feel independent. Opting for a teepee, tent, canopy or any other small confined space will encourage them to explore their imagination and dream their dreams away from watching eyes.

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To raise a true bookworm, turn a boring corner of a room into a cosy reading nook. Make sure it receives enough natural light and introduce as many pillows as you can to give it an extra feeling of comfort.

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For a little artist, a simple play table with a chair or two will make a world of a difference. Just a surface to express his mastery of arts and crafts without any interference is all he will ask for.

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Throw in an interactive area rug and watch it become your kid’s favourite toy. Playmats are adored by toddlers who can spend countless hours driving fantasy roads or taking their tiny livestock to graze imaginary grasslands.

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Having an indoor swing is every child’s dream. So why not make it a reality? Not only will you make your infant jump with joy, but you will also do him a favour by encouraging physical activity. If free space is an issue, use an empty wall and turn it into a make believe mountain. Curious hands and feet of your little explorer will have a difficult time detaching from this supercool playground.

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wall for climbing playroom

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Don’t forget, in these days of busy schedules and growing technology presence, the coolest playroom feature you can present to your kids is YOU. Forget about your daily responsibilities, and dive into a blanket fort with the loves of your life.

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