The elegant simplicity of bright and clean Nordic kids’ rooms is always hard to beat. Besides from valuing form, they are also functional, creating a kid-friendly ambient that is beautiful, comfortable and practical at the same time. So, if you’ve been dreaming of a Nordic-inspired kids’ room, then let us help you steal the look with these simple decorating tips.


In Nordic interiors, blacks and whites are the focus of attention. However, don’t shy away from mixing in various colours such as pastels and other soft hues. You can also take advantage of the neutral backdrop to add pops of colourful accents from pink to bright greens and yellow, or easily switch between them. This way you will create a perfect surrounding for both play and relaxation.

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The Nordic style is mostly about modern features with simple forms, clean lines and splashes of mid-century tone. To capture the look, we are talking about going for simple furnishings and focusing on creating sharp, straight lines and edges using geometric shapes which highlight the natural lines of the room’s structural elements. And if you have some heirloom pieces at hand put them into action! Combining vintage finds with modern items is the best thing you could do to achieve the look!

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Natural light and Nordic design go hand in hand, so having large windows with simple or no curtains is a bonus. Welcome the light in and let it shine like you’re in an open field!

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Nature-inspired decorative elements are something you will see in almost every room with Nordic design. Soft animal plush toys, nature-inspired wooden décor pieces, mountains, stars and clouds are a must. Proudly display the opulent accessories on shelves and adorn the walls with them. Let nature and your kid’s room become one!

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You can choose to keep the walls monochrome and straightforward or up them with graphic prints or simple geometric patterns such as triangles, lines, crosses, dots… Cute and kid-friendly, framed animal prints and quotes adorn the walls of Nordic kids’ rooms together with simple wall decals like, for example, the sleepy eyes or eyelashes. There is no right way to applying them, so don’t be afraid to mix and match.

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Nordic style is all about using natural materials in order to get closer to Mother Nature. Wood is, of course, the most natural material you can incorporate into the room. Go for a wooden crib, bed, floor, table or any other type of furniture, and leave it bare to max its natural vibe. When it comes to fabrics, linen, cotton, wool knit throws, cushions, blankets, bedspreads and even dolls are a must!

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Kids don’t need to be buried in a heap of toys and stuff for them to be happy. Adopt the less-is-more concept, get rid of the clutter and create a lot of free space for play time. Avoid cheap plastic toys and get good-quality (preferably wooden) ones that encourage imaginative play, while displaying their favourite books neatly on easily accessible book ledges. And also don’t forget – right storage solutions are the way to go for having a well-organised, de-cluttered space.

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