Of all the appealing patterns and motifs used to spruce up kids’ rooms and nurseries, the sleek sleepy eyes are without a doubt one of the most beloved. When all you need is a small touch to get a big effect, there isn’t a simpler, cuter and more affordable décor piece on the market. The dreamy eyes will make any object or place such as a wall, pillow, storing bag charming simply by placing or printing them on. They’ll also give life to the items making them more appealing and friendly-looking to babies and young children.

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sleepy eye toybag



This hype of providing mundane objects with personality by giving them facial features – nose, mouth, ears, and eyes is nothing new of course. We may be seeing the trend now more and more often all over Instagram and Pinterest especially in kids’ rooms, but it was actually “invented” in Japan a few decades ago, and we all know it by the name Kawaii. Kawaii refers to a cultural style that incorporates bright, pastel colors and childlike imagery and literally translates to “cute”, “tiny” or “lovable”. And unless you live on a secluded island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or the Siberian Tundra without the access to the internet, you have surely come across it in some form. Does Hello Kitty ring a bell?

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Now that you know a little background let’s jump to what’s important! How do I implement the sleepy eyes in my little one’s room?

You can find these sweet eyes in any colour, but one thing is for sure, due to their neutral and simple design they’ll feel at home in almost any interior style.


Nurseries ought to be a place of tenderness and tranquility, so the role of the colours, furniture and décor pieces should be aimed at achieving this goal. That’s one of the reasons why sleepy eyes and nurseries are a match made in heaven! Place them above the crib and they will create a calm and soothing ambience, encouraging your newborn to fall asleep and enter dreamland peacefully. Choose a colour that’s not too engaging and over-stimulating for the little dreamer, such as black or grey. And if you are so in love with the sleepy eyes (we know we are) there’s no harm in covering the whole wall!

scandinavian style nursery




rafa kids


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leander cot


transparent baby cot


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On the other hand, by sticking them close to the changing table, the sleepy eyes are going to serve as a fun distraction, animating your newborn while you are busy changing the nappies, applying cream and other daily duties. Feel free to be more open when it comes to hues as their goal is to draw attention.

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When it comes to kids’ rooms, sleepy eyes can be found everywhere, from three-dimensional wall decals and stickers to pillows, lighting, toys, storage bins and other accessories. Although they might not take center stage in the room, the sleepy eyes are going to be a great addition to the room’s existing décor. They might be universal, but because of their gentle-looking nature, the eyes prefer being surrounded by a serene environment with soft hues such as pastels, whites, and muted tones.

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turquoise metal kids bed


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Don’t they look cute?..

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