Muted colours have plenty of advantages over their brighter counterparts. The most prominent feature being that they are mostly gender neutral. They are perfect for situations in which you have a boy and a girl sharing the room, you were planning on having a second, third or fourth child, or you’re waiting until the baby is born to reveal its gender. Another trait particular muted hues hold is flexibility in decorating. As your kids grow and their personal preferences change over the years, you won’t have to worry about repainting the walls every time. And if you want the walls to be a backdrop rather than a focal point, then you will want to go with muted colour palette.

But enough of their practical benefits! The most important thing about these hues is the way in which they create a dreamy, soothing space which, unlike the usual kids’ rooms, don’t overwhelm. At first glance, to some people, these colours might seem dull and unsuited for kids’ interiors, but after you take a closer look at the examples we curated for you, you will think again!


If you have a daughter, a pink room is probably going to be on the top of your list of choices, and there’s nothing wrong about that. But if you are weary of the whole Barbie idea and have gotten over Pantone’s Rose Quartz trend, don’t’ worry because there is another option out there – muted pink! The fabulous family of tones is a fresh and more subtle way of bringing this universal feminine colour closer to your little princess and her heart. Muted pink offer the softer side of the hue and will be appreciated by all generations in the house, not just the youngsters.

muted pink in girl's room


muted pink paint for walls


vintage pink paint for walls



In general, all muted colours carry a relaxing tone. That’s one of the reasons why they have the word “muted” attached to them. However, muted blue stands out as the most calming of the lot, and unlike most blue hues, it’s not reserved only for boys! For some children, muted blue might even evoke the adventurous spirits as it can be associated with the deep blue sea or a starry night and all the mysteries they hold.

muted blue in kids room


blue for girls rooms


muted greenish blue paint for walls


muted colours for kids rooms



As with the previous colour, muted green can evoke similar feelings. Only the adventure moves to an evergreen forest. But don’t stop at walls! Muted greens make a perfect environment for setting up a tepee for daydreaming or tent for sleeping. Together with wallpaper mountain motifs and other nature inspired accessories, everything will be fixed for a little nature lover’s quest.

contemporary green paint for boy's room


dark green paint for nursery room

cool green paint for children's room



Unlike the snowy white and cloudy grey, their muted analogs radiate with warmth and a special kind of cosiness, perfectly matching a little one’s hug. Wooden furniture and splashes of brown go well with these shades and will add even more spirit and texture to the room. And if you are opting for a totally gender neutral room, then this should be your go to solution.

off-white paint for kid's room


snowy white paint for kid's room


coco lapine design

Muted colours are sure to bring a fresh, unique and moody look to your kid’s bedroom. But like with any colour trend the most important thing is to find the shade that fits your kid’s personality the most.

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