Looking for a fun and whimsical colour to freshen up your kid’s room this summer? Look no further than turquoise! Considering its cheerful and happy vibe, it is a no-brainer why turquoise has been popping up all over kids’ rooms lately. If you are enjoying this trend as much as we do, let’s kick off our shoes and dip into the sea of turquoise inspiration.

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Turquoise provides almost endless possibilities when it comes to kid’s decor, provoking and stimulating the hidden, creative part of us. It is amazingly versatile due to the wide range of its hues and can go from warm and vibrant to cool and pale. What a happy marriage of light blue and green!

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Turquoise feels at home in both vintage style and modern, contemporary kid’s rooms. Introduce it as a bold statement colour or in a soft and subtle manner, either way, it will add a dash of funkiness to the space. Its playfulness can hardly be matched by any other colour out there.

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Experiment with a diverse palette of turquoise hues but keep in mind that not all of them are convenient for every job. If turquoise is going to be a dominant colour of the room the key to success is in subtlety. Light and muted shades of turquoise applied on the entire wall evoke a feeling of peace and calm and are a perfect fit for a dreamland nursery.

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But if flashy hues are the ones that stole your heart, introduce them in pops. Accent pieces such as chairs, small table, dresser or even a bed will speak volumes if contrasted with a simple backdrop. Just make sure not to overload the room with the rich hues, since they are bound to fatigue your little one’s eyes in a long run.

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Due to both warm and cool undertones, turquoise gets along with many other colours. Pair it with bright or warm white and you’ll get the instant beach. To create a warm and balanced kid’s room, there is nothing quite like mixing turquoise and yellow. Embraced this vibrant combo in both boys and girls rooms for that sunny, fresh feel all year long. Combine turquoise with soft pink and you will evoke a similar, but more cheerful feel to Pantone’s 2016 colours of the year Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue. Blend with pastels and you will form an unbreakable bond.

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If you were planning on going with this summer’s trendy flamingo theme for your little girl’s room, a splash of pale turquoise here and there is a must. This tropical bird simply cannot do without the colour of the Caribbean sea!

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In boys’ rooms, a pale turquoise plays well with soft browns, cream and white. Turquoise chairs or a bed blend in perfectly in a black and white surrounding, acting as a contrast, statement pieces to an otherwise monotone room.

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If you wish to look for more inspiration on how you could introduce turquoise into your kid’s room then we invite you to have a look at our board “Turquoise” on Pinterest!

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