Ask any kid what they want to be when they grow up, and it is very likely that astronaut will come up. One would think that it was a dream job in the era of first landing on the moon and that it would be outdated by now, but how can you outshine the moon? True, astronaut falls behind a professional athlete, firefighter and even engineer, but it is still the most “super-cool” profession out there. The good thing about dreaming to become an astronaut is that, even if that dream doesn’t come true, they can learn a lot of things about the sky, stars and the universe and become interested in science, physics and astronomy. Here is how to bring that dream inside your kids’ room and awaken the adventurist sky-gazers in them.

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Astronauts need to know everything about space, don’t they? Well, this is a great opportunity to teach your kids about solar system, star constellations, Earth and moon, in a fun way. If you’re starting from the earliest age, consider a solar system mobile. Older kids will enjoy posters and models of planets. The obvious choice of colour for the room is some shade of blue. You can present the Milky Way on the ceiling or paint the entire room with night sky motifs.

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There is something inherently cool about rockets. Perhaps it is the fact they can take you high up to the most magical places. A rocket tells kids that everything is possible, so make sure you have plenty of those in kids’ room. It can be represented through a poster, toy, pillow or sheet pattern, but go with the approach the bigger the better at least with one drawing or poster. If you have the time and will (and just a bit of skill) you can even build your own rocket out of cardboard or make a wall mural.

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People are visual learners, kids especially so. They remember things they see and feel are tangible. Astronaut-themed room is the perfect chance to teach them about planets, their position and their rotation around the Sun. An easy and interesting DIY project (where school kids can participate) is creating a paper mache solar system by using balloons, flour, water, paint, newspaper, etc. After you make all the planets, you can suspend them on the ceiling.

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Being an astronaut is a profession that requires a lot of confidence, and all parents want to raise confident kids. Retro astronaut propaganda posters are great for sparking your kids’ desire for adventure and making them feel like they can accomplish anything. Sayings like “Explore the Universe”, “Never Give Up”, “Blast Off”, “One Small Step for a Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind” and “Reach for the Stars Little Man” can send the perfect message for them. And don’t forget a space suit (in any manifestation), it is always motivational.

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Decorating kids’ room is a much bigger responsibility than decorating any other room in the house. Kids thrive in well-designed environment, and there is no better environment than the universe itself.

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