Wood is always a welcome and refreshing guest in any interior, especially in the rooms of our most precious little ones. It’s natural, eco-friendly and safe, which makes it the top material when it comes to kids’ toys, accessories and furniture. Kids interiors values these traits more than anything, so we decided to share with you our hand-picked selection of some great DIY wood furniture ideas for you to have fun with and gladden your kids’ hearts. In most cases, little to no experience in carpentry is required to complete the project, but we haven’t left out even those among you who are looking for more challenging ideas.

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After seeing this, you won’t be able to look at dried up fallen branches with the same eyes! Next time you go out hiking in a forest remember to grab the prettiest and sturdiest branch out there, or better yet, let your kids pick one themselves. After all, it is going to become their clothing rack in the end.

There are a few options to consider: The branch could merely be set atop a rack or, if space is not your friend, it could be suspended from the ceiling or a shelf.

Huis en Grietje

Huis en Grietje

diy clothing rack


kids wooden clothing rack

hope and jade

natural wooden shelf kids room

wooden pole for clothing rack

triibe app


Whether you are planning on building a bed from scratch or just freshening up the one your child is currently sleeping on, the range of options seems endless! Wooden pallets are no strangers when it comes to DIY furniture, and they haven’t missed out on the opportunity to shine in kids rooms either. A single row of pallets with a mattress would do, but you can easily go for a loft bed by stacking several rows on top of each other. Just make sure the pallets you are using are safe and not treated with any potentially harmful substances.

If pallets are not your cup of tea, so-called “house beds“ probably are. Without much effort, these popular beds could be made from top to bottom. But don’t let its name fool you, house bed is not just for sleeping, it can serve as the most charming playing nook too. The photos speak for themselves!

ooh noo instagram

ooh noo

diy housebed


pallets for kids bed


buiding a housebed yourself

friska f

diy kids bed



With the shelfie trend going on at the moment, styling shelves in kids’ rooms became a fashion. We’ve stumbled upon some unbelievable creations on Instagram, which prove that even shelves can be a form of art. Heck, if you are skilled enough, you could even make a shelf in the shape of a castle or an aeroplane? There is just one rule – it needs to be well-fixed to the wall to avoid accidents. Everything else is upon your imagination. Here are some beautiful examples you will surely be able to recreate using just basic tools.

diy shelf ideas


shelf ideas for kid's room


teepee shelf

white fox styling

shelf ideas childrens room



DIY people always see a potential for hacking a piece of furniture. Modifications can be done in order to make furniture more useful by adding extra storage space, change its aesthetics or even both at the same time. But when it comes to furniture for kids rooms, it’s mostly about making it fun! Cute bunny ears for a chair backrest? That’s the direction you want to go!

customization ideas ikea furniture

sköna hem

customized diy bedhead kids room


bunny kids chairs

i am bellan


This DIY project doesn’t need to include any wood processing for you to create a stunning piece of custom furniture. With some paint in the right hue, you could make ordinary wooden furniture fit the joyful environment of your kid’s bedroom. Also, repainting is always an option if at any point you get tired of your work or wanna switch the colour.

paint ideas for furniture


fun storage ideas kids rooms



Storage units in kids’ rooms are often thought of as bulky pieces of furniture that take up precious play space, but on the other hand, you can’t do without them. You can either keep the units beyond the room, think of a way to cleverly house them or embrace and disguise in fun and colourful hues and motifs! If the first option is out of the question, a favourite space-saving alternative is to put together storage and sleeping by placing a mattress on top of a hefty dresser. And to be on the safe side maybe put some safety bars on the side. Can storage also act as a toy? Yes! Simple wooden boxes with wheels garnished with cute motifs can act both as mobile storage and pull-along. So, after your kid is finished playing, the unit can just be slid under the bed.

diy storage ideas kids' rooms


storage units childrens room


diy ideas for childrens rooms


cool storage ideas for childrens rooms


If your DIY spirit craves more inspiration, check out these IKEA hacks for kids’ rooms.

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