Have you ever come across an adorable piece of furniture for the children’s bedroom that was way out of your price range? Or you simply weren’t ready to spend that amount of money on something your kid is going to outgrow in a couple of years? Well, believe it or not, IKEA has the solution! This Swedish furniture store’s pieces are affordable and very easy to upgrade and play with. With just a little time and imagination, you can turn ordinary furniture into fun and useful pieces with a unique touch. From creative side table hacks and colourful dressers to bookshelves and play kitchens, there are literally no boundaries when it comes to IKEA hacks. Let’s have a look at a few awesome examples of IKEA products converted into enviable pieces for your kid’s room.


Make use of IKEA’s LÄTT table to craft your kid his very own art space. Cover the surface with whiteboard or chalkboard paint and transform a simple table into a perfect spot for drawing or crafting. Make it mobile by adding wheels and your kid will be able to move it around through the house with ease. If you have a LEGO fan on your hands, cover the top with LEGO base plates and your son or daughter can build upon the table that is nice and low so that they will be able to reach the top easily. The extra space underneath the table is perfect for storage and keeping everything nice and organized.

ikea table diy hacks


Ikea Latt table hacks


Lätt Ikea diy ideas



One of the most popular IKEA hacks is using the Bekväm spice racks to store and display a kid’s book collection. In fact, it is so special that IKEA adopted it and put it into its catalogs. Made of solid wood, the racks can easily be painted to match the room and mounted on the walls, doors and above the bed as a cute little bookshelf. Due to the raised edges, you won’t have to worry about books falling off and if hung low enough, these clever shelves can be easily accessed by the smallest of bookworms. Turn the racks upside down and you get extra storage for hanging your kid’s clothes.

ikea spice rack for kids rooms


bookshelves for kids rooms


book ledges for childrens rooms


practical bookshelves for kids



What makes IKEA furniture so DIY friendly is the fact that they often act as a blank canvas yearning to be touched by your stroke of creativity. One such an example is the three and six Tarva drawer hack for nurseries. The drawers perfect height complete with lots of storage for nappies and creams makes a perfect candidate for your baby’s changing table. All you gotta do is apply a soft coat of paint to suit the nurseries style (if you want to), change the handles and put a changing pad on top and voilà! Unlike the overpriced changing tables, this one can later be converted back to its original purpose and serve as a drawer anywhere in the house.

green nursery changing table


Tarva ikea hacks


diy nursery changing tables



You probably won’t be able to find a children’s bed that is so cheap and full of potential like the IKEA Kura bed. This endlessly hackable bed can be customized in any way you imagine, turning it from simple to simply amazing in no time. When the mattress is placed high, by adding some wood panelling to the upper bunk, your little one will feel as if he is sleeping in a tree house. The bottom part could then serve as a play and reading nook, or a second mattress could be placed for when your child is having a sleepover. There are so many creative hacks out there such as adding a slide or climbing handles to the bed that will make you wish you were a kid again.

ikea kura hacks


ikea bunkbed hacks


castle style bunkbed


hide-in kids bed


ikea kura bed ideas

apartment therapy

ikea kura housebed



What little girl doesn’t dream about having a dollhouse in her room! Because children have unbelievable creative minds, they often make use of different objects, boxes and furniture to make a home for their dolls. But with the Expedit bookcase and some wallpapers or washi tape to place on the wall behind it, you and your girl can create a dollhouse that even Toys R Us is going to envy. As with the IKEA Tarva drawer, when she outgrows the dollhouse, you will be able to reuse it as a bookshelf for extra storage.

wallpaper for ikea dollhouse


expedit shelves ikea dollhouse


diy dollhouses


Thanks IKEA for thinking about all the DIY enthusiasts out there!

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