One of the most anticipated events of the year for every amateur, professional designer and enthusiast has to be the introduction of the colours that are foreseen to take over the hearts and interiors in the following year. It’s also an exceptional time of the year for many parents and, of course, us here at Kids Interiors because fresh hues bring with them new and exciting ways to design and decorate our beloved little ones’ bedrooms. Will Millennial Pink still be in the game? If not, what new hue is going to take its hard earned place? Without further ado, we present to you our predictions for the colours that are going to make their mark in 2018’s kids’ rooms.


Just as colourful walls can be cheerful, and light walls evoke peace and tranquillity, dark walls can be soothing, cosy and warm. Sounds perfect for a kid’s room? It’s the same with our first pick – Midnight Blue. When we say Midnight blue, we are actually not talking about a single hue. Its rich tones, ranging from dusty navy blue to almost black will add a modern backdrop to kids’ interiors in the year to come. However, they should be used with caution. This blue family is best applied on accent walls, or else make sure to balance them with just as many whites in order not to overwhelm the space. Just watch as these two create a fantastic contrast!

navy blue nursery

blue in kids rooms

three little crowns

dark walls nursery

midnight blue nursery


blue walls childrens room


blue kids nursery decor


Green is going to take a sharp, refreshing turn towards a more softer and calmer side, parting ways with this year’s bright Pantone Greenery. Light greens such as Sage and Lichen that look like they have more in common with grey than green will be perfect in monochromatic kids’ rooms or paired with other neutrals and greys. Pine or similar types of wood will carry the room like a tree trunk carries its treetop bringing in a perfectly balanced, serene and natural look.

lichen green in nursery


sage green nursery

miann and co

bluish green in kids room


colour trends kids rooms 2018


dark green in nursery

green for kids study room

kijn in huis

green kids interiors

elle decor

green childrens interiors


Unlike the blues and greens, the prominent members of the golden family – mustard and copper yellow are a bit shy, popping only in accent pieces such as pillows, wall decals, bedsheets, various fabrics and other details. The good thing about The Golden family is that it isn’t too picky. They shine to their fullest both when placed alongside whites, pinks, neutrals and shades such as dark greys and even Midnight blue.

mustard yellow canopy


mustard yellow details kids room

copper yellow canopy

lala loves decor

mustard childrens textiles


Millennial Pink with Rose Quartz, Dogwood and Blush have been one of the most dominant and loved family of hues in girls’ rooms and will continue to grow in popularity in 2018. The amount of tenderness and gracefulness they bring to a room is yet to be matched, and it’s hard to imagine that happening next year.

millenium pink kids interiors

pink accent wall girls room

pink paint for girls room


millenium pink kids decor


You have probably heard by now that Pantone has chosen Ultra Violet as the colour of the year for 2018. Mysterious and evocative, this colour adds originality when used for décor details but can be a little bit dramatic if used on all four walls. However, we believe that its little sister, lavender, will be an up and coming trend to watch. It will be interesting to see if this colour that is usually associated with traditional interiors will stir up new fresh ideas and colour combinations.

lavender kids room

pink walls girls room

lavender in childrens rooms

Do you agree with our selection? Tell us what you think!

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