Move the curtains apart, open the windows wide and let the sunshine in because spring is ready to breeze into your little one’s room! While some may be satisfied with just the usual top to bottom spring cleaning with slight furniture rearranging, we suggest welcoming this year’s season with a few décor ideas which would rejuvenate the room even more. The great thing is that bringing in spring’s charm doesn’t have to include any severe undertaking; a light touch will do the job just perfect. So, break out of the winter humdrum and freshen up the place for the beautiful months to come!

pink scandinavian style kid's room

mrs mighetto


Spring is all about colour! Whether you were planning on refreshing the entire walls with a new coat of paint or bringing the spring colours in through accent pieces such as a rug, new cushion covers or even furniture pieces, we recommend going with light blue, green or yellow hues as to reflect the natural light as much as possible. Don’t let them get swallowed by dark tones, and let the room radiate with optimism and enthusiasm! But, try avoiding dark blues and greys altogether.

pastel spring girl's room

lion kids poster


peach orange kids sheets bedding

giraffe wall sticker


In spring flowers begin to bloom and so should your little one’s room. Don’t hesitate on adorning the room with splashes of colourful florals by any means possible. Floral wallpapers will make a bold, lasting impression, but if you aren’t searching for anything permanent, floral wall decals might be your best options as they can easily be removed without damaging the paint. Fake flowers can also be a great idea and can be used to decorate anything from shelves to walls and headboards, while at the same time doubling as toys for the kids.

beige canopy for bed



spring mood in the kid's room


blue flowery wallpaper



While silk, wool and velvet might look appealing year-round, these fabrics can feel a bit heavy and far too snug for spring months – not to mention summer. You can easily give your kid’s room updates by having cushion covers for different seasons, and introduce lighter, brighter colours at the same time.That being said, spring is a perfect time of the year to change the pillows and bed-coverings into more breezy textiles such as cotton and linen to lighten things up a notch.

strawberry decor kid's room


spring textiles for the kid's room


pale blue kids bedding


yellow round cushion pillow


summer kids bedding



Spring also brings Easter with it, and Easter is the best moment to invite a bunch of bunnies into the room and cheer it up! Surprise your little darlings with a plush toy, a cushion, a Miffy lamp, or garnish the walls with bunny motifs, trophy heads and Mrs Mighetto posters.

bunny wallpaper


bunny spring kids wallpaper

bunny wall decor for children's room


And finally, to spice up this magnificent season, go to your local florist and pick up a pot of beautiful flowers. They are sure to bring the aroma of spring to your kid’s nest.

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