If you are adventurous and carefree spirited, always drawn to unconventional displays and abundance of colour, you will love our today’s feature. When decorating a nursery, following traditional design rules is the last thing you should have on your mind. If you are dreaming of a true one-of-a-kind space for your little bundle of joy, boho chic might be just what you are looking for.

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From vintage to contemporary, explosion of colours to a neutral palette, and all the shades in between, boho style can be anything but dull. This vibrant mixture of pattern, colours and eye-catching details full of sentimental value is a perfect environment for raising a little wanderer. While traditional boho rooms feel cosy and gloomy, modern boho vibe brings airiness and light. The perfect blend of rustic warmth and lavish luxury is what makes this type of nursery a wonderful gender neutral space.

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To master the boho look adorn the room with textiles. Use and abuse ethnic and tribal prints, whimsy florals and geometric shapes. Spread the statement rug across the floor and then add a few more. There is no such thing as too many rugs in a boho chic nursery. Lay some comfy blankets in bold colours next to the nursing chair and round up the design with lots of mismatched throw pillows. In this cosy heaven, all you will ever want to do is curl up with your little one and give him endless cuddles.

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The boho style is well known for its offbeat artwork. To create a funky focal point hung a macramé piece above the cot or a changing table. If you are into knitting, you can even make it yourself. With so many tutorials out there, why not use the last weeks of your pregnancy to create something artsy for your artist to be?

If macramé is not your cup of tea, you can opt for a thrift find – vintage floor rug, and place it on the wall. As we already said, a rug is always a welcome guest in a bohemian kingdom.

Modern paintings and photos in retro frames, worn out maps, your older child’s drawings and crafts… think outside the box! Take your time and make it entirely personal.

Dreamcatcher or dreamcatcher-inspired items are an absolute must! A mobile made of feathers and wood, flower wreath or a mobile featuring the Peace and Love sign will hang perfectly above the cot.

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No boho nursery is complete without a plant or two. Large houseplant in a sisal pot can make a beautiful statement and bring up the cosiness. Hanging plants are also a great idea if you are short on space. Just make sure the plants you are introducing in your baby’s environment are not toxic for its little curious hands. Or at least not in their reach.

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green plants in baby nursery room

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big green leaves in baby nursery room


greenery in baby nursery rooms


And the best part is you don’t have to change much to transform the nursery as your baby grows. Just remove the cot and a changing mat and voila! You have yourself an empty canvas to play with.

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