You might already have come across the name macramé while scrolling through beautiful boho-chic styled kids interiors on Instagram and imagined that it is a new craft invention as it’s so incredibly popular right now? Actually, it’s a technique that originates from the 13th century, and was used for different purposes, such as fringes on horses and camels in North Africa to fight off the flies or in the West for decorative fringes on bath towels, shawls, and veils. Macramé, which is a piece of textile made by making knots rather than weaving or knitting, usually using cotton, linen or hemp, can be found in many different creations for the kid’s room – wall hangings are probably what rings a bell the most, but it can also be found on bassinets, swings and cushions , just to name a few. Each has been individually made for a unique pice of craftsmanship, embracing the spirit of boho in your little girl or boy’s room.

macramé with pom poms

zoe loves ava

macramé wall decor


pink beige macramé for kid's room


The wall hangings can be either a decorative focus point directly above a bedhead or next to it, or why not covering the whole wall alongside the bed.

macramé garland for kid's room


blue macramé wallhanging for boys room

zoe loves ava

A small macramé wall hanging is the perfect nursery décor above a cot due to its light weight.

macramé wall hanging for nursery


nursery macramé décor


You can have fun by decorating your kid’s room with macramé that’s been dipped in a myriad of dyes. Opt for soft pastel hues if you are going for a more natural look, or vibrant colourful palettes if you are going for a more modern quirky décor.

colourful macramé for girls room


pink linen macramé


 There is real satisfaction in hanging up a piece of artwork you have made yourself. Why not get the kids involved by finding a simple pattern or a macramé kit that you can craft as a family? A touch of the homemade will ensure your scheme has oodles of personality.

simple natural macramé wall hanging


Feeling adventurous? If space permits, why not add a macramé swing or teepee in one corner of the kid’s room, or even outdoors? It’s sure to put a smile on your little one’s face.

macramé teepee


macramé swing


macramé swing for childrens room


A macramé bassinet will create a peaceful and calming environment that is best with a natural and neutral décor. Hang real green plants from the ceiling for that unwinding boho feeling.

macramé bassinet


macramé baby cradle


A hammock is the ultimate must-have for a laid back lifestyle taking time to bond with your child. In macramé it will look stunning either inside or outdoors.

macramé hammock


You can even find cute macramé cot mobiles. This gorgeous ceiling hanger perfectly complements the floral bedding and contemporary wall art in this lucky girl’s room.

macramé nursery mobile

There is something about macramé that’s so inertly exquisite, don’t you agree?

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