With Easter just around the corner, it seems like bunnies are hopping up everywhere! Being a symbol of purity and innocence, bunnies are the perfect inhabitants of kids interiors and evokes a romantic and nostalgic appeal. If the spring holiday inspired you to bring this beloved creature into your child’s room,  keep reading and you will find tonnes of inspiration in the lines below.

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One more thing bunnies and children have in common, they LOVE to jump! Regardless of the style of the room, rabbits on the wallpapers are always chicly appropriate and suit both girls and boys. If the rest of the room is plain and simple, go crazy on the walls – woodland wall coverings in rich colours can be that exciting statement piece the whole room is designed around. They make a wonderful setting for storytelling and nature-inspired games.

You can never go wrong with dream-like fantasy wallpapers, even if you opt for the monochrome palette. On the other hand, if you are more on the minimalist side, bunny tales are still your lucky charms. Choose a sweet colour and simple pattern, busy enough to add some personality to the space.

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If wallpapers are not an option for you, consider decorating with removable wall decals instead. This way your youngster’s room walls will stay flexible for later changes, and bunnies can hop free from wall to wall anytime needed. Or simply adorn the walls with posters, photos or paintings of cute rabbits. Your littles one will enjoy spending time in their room with their bunny friends watching over them.

bunny wall decor

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Bunnies are among the cutest and fluffiest pets and so are the bunny plushtoys. These teeny, tiny, sleeping buddies are designed for endless cuddles. Fill your kids’ beds with plush rabbits and they will enjoy their afternoon naps even more.

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Bed sheets and cushions featuring rabbits are also an option. They look absolutely adorable and comfy!

bunny kids bedding

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bunny kids bedding


Don’t forget the famous trio of bunnies – White Rabbit, Baby Lapin and Miffy. Mixing contemporary with vintage, these lamps will help you create a timeless space your kids are sure to love. They add a whimsical touch to the kid’s room and look as charming switched on as switched off. Bunny lamps will feel at home on a bedside table, on a shelf, on the floor… Impactful and stylish, they are bound to be the hopping off point for the whole place.

bunny kids lamps

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monochrome miffy

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Nursery mobiles, trophy heads, chairs, shelves, mirror frames… These adorable creatures can take up any form and yet stay impactful and stylish. Use your imagination and give DIY projects a chance. There are so many choices to explore.

pink bunny shelf

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bunny kids decor

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Let’s hop to it!

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