Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.” – John Muir

Kids are naturally drawn to animals, and they aspire to have interaction with them. Most of the kids have the chance of befriending a pet (cat, dog, etc.) and some even make frequent visits to the farms where they can see horses, cows and other domestic animals. What remains mystical to them are the creatures living in woods they can see in books, cartoons and movies. The mystery seems to make them love woodland animals even more, because Bambi lives in the woods and it is the home of many other interesting creatures. Perhaps you can’t bring a bear into the kids’ room, but you can get inspired with this topic and create an amazing environment for growing up.

woodland wallpaper

camping bed kids

chalboard kids room

bear decor kids room

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Just as kids need a room to sleep in, animals need the forest to live in. If you just throw a bunch of woodland animals inspired toys around the room, kids may have a whole lotta fun, but they will not learn anything valuable about these majestic creatures. Make the ambient just right, so that the animals are at home and the kids’ feel like they’re exploring with them. Wallpapers with tree patterns will do the job quite well, but you can also hang branches, paint tree murals, use themed carpets and drapes. A tent and “campfire” made of cushions and paper will enhance the vibe.

woodland theme kids room

woodland theme kids room

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There is nothing that can bring in the spirit of forest in kids’ room as wood. This is the material you should use not only for furniture, but also for animal items (chairs, shelves, etc.). Logs and firewood can serve as a perfect setting for placing stuffed foxes, deer, bears, raccoons and rabbits. Branches, on the other hand, are ideal homes for owls and other birds.

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Children are more actively engaged in learning when you use animals, because they have more fun. Counting the foxes in the room can help with maths, for instance, and you can be even more creative and teach them history from animal’s perspective. Cover geography by using animals as representatives of various regions of the world. Besides using animals as assistants in learning other subjects, kids should also learn about the very animals. Help them with that by framing educational posters about woodland animals, introducing a lot of books and fables, etc.

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woodland animals in kids rooms


 Go wild with bed sheets, pillows, furniture, walls and accessories. If the kids are older, include them in the project by asking them to draw some woodland animal and then framing the drawings. Younger kids can color the drawings. Stuffed woodland friends are a must.

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woodland decor kids room


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Introducing woodland animals into the kids’ room is very easy and extremely rewarding. It will awaken the love of nature and the respect for living creatures in kids early on, and you can’t put a price tag on that.

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