There is overwhelming evidence which points out that having a dog in the house is good for the kids, even from the earliest of age. Dogs can help strengthen immune systems of children and teach them the importance of empathy, sharing and responsibility among other things. By owning a dog or a puppy, your little ones will always have a best friend by their side who will look after them with unconditional love and will be ready to play at all times. From babies and toddlers to tweens and beyond, no one can resist those floppy ears, big eyes, cute wet nose and wobbling tale!

But having a dog requires a lot of responsibility because, first of all, dogs are not toys. They have emotions and needs, and if you are not ready or simply haven’t got time or the conditions required, then you should seriously reconsider getting one. But, don’t be blue! There are other ways a dog can be a part of your kid’s life, and one approach is to include them in the decor of their bedrooms!

dogs in the kid's room



Whatever your children’s age may be, including a puppy or a dog figure and pattern into their room is going to add more to the cuteness, warmth and excitement. Just how much young children are fascinated by these virtuous animals shows the fact that one of the first things toddlers start to imitate is barking. So, encourage the love for dogs and other animals from an early age by placing a cute poster over the cribs for your babies to better acquaint their new friend that is going to watch over the little angels while they dream.

dog poster for baby nursery

pink dog poster

Toy plush puppies are always welcome companions for hugging and cuddling to sleep, even for older children. And if you are searching for extra cuteness then look no further than the Pugs. With their short muzzles and big charming eyes that emit rays of happiness and sunshine, they are sure to smile even the bluest of faces on a rainy day. Just adorable!

pug poster


pug plush toy


There are so many dog breeds, and every one is lovelier than the other! Golden retrievers tend to be the superheroes amongst older children. However, Labradors, Beagles and Cocker Spaniels don’t trail too far behind. If your kids have a favourite one, then frame a nice picture, drawing or painting of the breed on the walls and make them feel proud!

dog poster kid's room

dog poster kid's room


dog poster children's room


dog wall art kid's room

teepee for a dog

cool dog poster kid's room

jujuandthemoon on etsy

dog with zorro mask poster

teckel poster

teckel poster

You can go a step further and choose a bedding with a dog pattern. Now your children can decide to choose to sleep together with their beloved pets!

kids bedding with dogs

The saying goes that a dog is a man’s best friend, but with confidence, we’ll add that a dog could be a kid’s room’s best friend as well.

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