Whether literal or metaphorical, Spring offers new beginnings and the promise of brighter, breezier days. It’s a welcome change in season that implores us to find beauty in everything around us and the perfect opportunity to take a fresh look at our home décor surroundings.

Join us as we check out the top ten Insta kids’ rooms, motivating us to reach for our mood boards and decorator’s dungarees!


Peaches and green take this texture-laden kids’ room into a playful territory with vibrant colours and abundant textiles. There are literal displays of fresh shoots of recovery in the creeper plant, plus blooms on the bedlinen and an oversized leaf cushion. Just like the change in seasonal climes, there’s an undercurrent of forceful change as the black wrought iron bed frame and deep teal wall give way to a palette of softer pastels and plush, cosy fabrics.


If a room could evoke the feeling of tiptoeing through delicious marshmallows in dainty ballerina shoes, this would be it. A collection of creamy neutrals, off-whites and natural wood and wicker lay the foundations for just a pop of waffled dusky pink in the bedsheets. There’s fairytale innocence and whimsy aplenty, but the unfussy treatment also lends a grown-up air that wouldn’t be out of place in an adult’s room. The location of Herzauber’s ‘Once Upon a Time’ lettering next to the vanilla canopy by @goldmairi_things only serves to reinforce the magic of make-believe further. We imagine days and nights of reading adventures in that perfect escape nook.


When a room can take you places, it holds an extra special quality. Sometimes that transportational element is a literal theme or perhaps a conceptual wallpaper. Here it’s a window on the world via a wooden map by @enjoythewood_

Not only does the world jigsaw create a focal point in this big boy’s room, but it adds an educational element and promotes a broadening of horizons and a thirst for exploration. Combined with a matt granite painted wall and dark bed linen, there’s a camouflage-esque safari theme running in the background, bolstered by lion and tiger prints and African-inspired baskets and textiles. It’s fierce and fabulous in equal measure.


Hudson’s mama wanted to keep her toddler boy’s room neutral but add a pop of colour. And what better way to do this than with a spot of our favourite paint technique, scalloping! It’s Farrow and Ball’s green-blue that comes to the rescue with a refreshing lick of calming mint. It’s bright and clean but oh so soothing.

We love the liberal accessorising of a macrame moon, a duo of safari pals in the woven basket and the adorable Wild Soul banner by @leoniandtheleopard.


Skrotnisse’s delightful bohemian room is like a page torn out of a beautifully illustrated children’s tale. It speaks of wanderlust and adventure, complete with a bevvy of characters to enjoy the magical fable. There’s an incredible depth of texture and detail in every corner, from the pattern clash of adjacent wallpapers to the paper crafted butterfly garland and hanging sunflowers. The colour palette is earthy and natural but still manages a volume that teeters right on the edge of loud and commanding. Perhaps what we love the most is the unique cot bed, a regal creation we believe fashioned from an old sofa.


It’s all the boho vibes in Mia’s laidback tween room with ingenious use of a @islainbloom rug as a throw. It certainly helps that the natural sunlight plays a starring role in this bright and liberating space. It’s another excellent example of the perfect balance of layers of detail with a clean, uncluttered finish. A limited palette of peachy nudes, blushes and earthy terracotta anchors keeps things grounded. The Chill Here pillow is such an apt choice, but there really was no permission required to turn down the volume and take it easy in this heavenly picture of bliss.


There’s order in the ocean in this under-the-sea themed room. We love how the conventional marine colour palette has been substituted for something more mellow and in-keeping with a sustainable and eco-friendly vibe. It’s a willowy green meets putty meets terracotta affair with a gentle splash of pale blue and pastel mint. While an aquatic theme dominates, there’s a gentle outdoorsy undercurrent in this room’s DIY aesthetic. Note the ice-capped mountain range pillow and the suitcase poised for impromptu travel.


Is anyone else getting candy store vibes when they feast their eyes on this edible wonder? It’s the interior space equivalent of a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. There is a fundamental skill in elevating this level of pink to such style status without tipping into saccharine territory. The rose gold Eden bed by @incyinteriors is the stuff of childhood fables, and there are hallmarks of infancy at every turn – a cloud-shaped rug, a giant toadstool nightlight, stars, raindrops and rainbows. The prized finishing touch is the @modocreative Love sign, moved from Coral’s ‘under-reno’ kitchen into this sublime, girls’ blush bedroom.


Life through the lens of a neutral lover. That’s the vision in Linda’s design aesthetic, and a cursory scroll through her IG feed reinforces her penchant for the pared-back and aesthetically calm across her entire home.

Sem’s room is no different. It’s a tranquil, rippling wave that resides in this sepia-toned corner of his honey-spiced ocean (the colour on the adjacent wall by @flexanl). The delicate whale world wallpaper by @pimpelmees_com is a design match made in heaven for the renowned birth poster print. There’s a thread of uncomplicated childhood innocence that runs throughout the entire ethos of this room.


There’s truth in the less is more approach, evidenced by this sweet and minimal kid’s bedroom. DIY panelling in a minty green becomes the feature wall leaving a neutral paint job to open up the space, maximising its proportions and promoting a sense of freedom. White furniture is central to the minimal direction with a linear approach that accentuates the room’s sloped ceiling. We love the subtle dinosaur theme, like a quiet roar making its presence known without the need for total Jurassic immersion.

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