The joy of becoming a mama starts long before the arrival of your precious bundle. Aside from the endless maternity appointments and the ever-changing landscape of your body, there’s all the excitement of planning a space for a little person you’ve yet to meet.

Nine months provides ample time for research, contemplation and the careful consideration of your baby girl’s bedroom but today’s nursery décor inspiration presents endless opportunities. What will you choose?  Kids Interiors is on hand to show you some of the top style ideas to help guide you to the girls’ nursery of your dreams.

Start Simple With Two Canvas Colours

If you’re wondering how all of those captivatingly serene rooms you lust after on Instagram come to fruition, here’s the inside track. They start out simple and build with a patience and attention to detail that delivers the calm and concerted result you adore.

Start with your overall colour choice and look for a complementary tone or variation on the hue. Stop there and don’t be tempted to get carried away by hastily adding more colours, pattern or detail. The room scheme you’re in pursuit of is the antithesis of those busy but equally beautiful rooms that boast complex feature walls and detailed wallpapers.

Think of this particular project as the long race, not the sprint. Live with your minimal colour palette and let your ideas grow. Only then should you start to add in more layers of detail and colour as you go.


Take little Leonie’s oasis of calm. This dreamy nursery is built on a pastel willowy green and natural beech. The off-white in the canopy and the palest of greys in the curtains complements perfectly together with the quilted pale grey cushion of the bouncer.


Dusty rose bordering on pastel lavender is the lead for this gorgeous girl’s nursery colour story. Aside from the delicate hues in the floral wall decals and the signature Mrs Mighetto, winter white is the only other major shade to debut here. Despite this limited colour palette, there’s a depth that can’t be denied. This layering is brought by the shaggy rug, a customised IKEA’ open’ Hemnes closet and the tonal canopy and soft furnishings.

Create A Focal Point With A Canopy

Floaty canopies can add a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ to a nursery. They bring an ethereal quality that chimes with the magic of a new arrival to the family. Though functional in their bid to offer shelter for sleep, they introduce an aesthetic that far outweighs the investment. Canopies also offer longevity, converting into precious secret reading corners as your baby girl transforms into a little lady.


Queensland’s Mel Gay shows the way with a canopy with her Adairs novelty blush sparkle creation. Anchored in the corner of the room and holding court above the natural railed cot, this trusty nursery trend promises intrigue, beauty and impact by the draped yard.

Make A Statement With Wallpaper

One of the easiest ways to make a statement in your nursery is with wallpaper. Whether on all four walls or to accent a feature wall, it can prove a cost-effective way to introduce impact with ease. Of course, there are also the removable variants that can make room transformations a breeze for those who rent or spontaneous parents who simply like to change their minds!


Larger than life blooms can bring girly glamour by the wheelbarrow load yet still create stunning spaces that don’t look out of place in the rest of the home. Take this boho floral print wallpaper creating vintage vibes with its pastel palette, matched beautifully by the woven basket of feathers. You can witness the impact the wall covering has with little need for much else in the way of accessories or dressings. A romantic canopy and shabby chic framed quote are all that is required. ‘Sleep pretty darling’, indeed.

top style ideas for girl nursery rooms


It’s amazing what a few drops of wallpaper can do to a room. This popular Oh Deer print by @anewall infuses four-month-old Capri’s room with a touch of whimsical magic. Hand illustrated forest creatures sit amongst lush green leaves and pastel flowers. Complimentary foliage on the adjacent panelled wall completes the scene and oh, how we love that peachy fitted sheet and matching wall print combo!

Find An Eye Catching Nursery Mobile

Nursery accessories with dual-purpose fill all parents with joy and the mobile is no exception. Not only a source of stimulus for developing brains but mobiles can bring a swing of delight to nurseries hard to match by lesser accessories.

nursery mobile girl


Geometric shapes fit the bill for modern and Scandi-inspired nursery spaces. Kelly opted for this simple but striking natural maple wood and iron creation found at Crate and Kids. It’s a very early introduction to shapes but a beautiful one, nonetheless.

girl nursery mobiles


Quinn’s one of a kind mobile proves that pretty in pink wins the day. Gifted by Quinn’s Momma’s best friend, its lovingly crafted wooden-beaded tassels dangle daintily from the pom pom trimmed frame. The willowy canopy frames the mobile perfectly.

Choose An Original Cot

Cots and cribs  have evolved over the years to offer a choice that can be a challenge for the indecisive. What used to be a decision divided between railed bars all-round or solid ends has expanded to incorporate all manner of materials and finishes not to mention the myriad possibilities with upcycled and lovingly restored vintage cots.

original cot for girl nursery


Rattan rules the roost here in this nursery with the coveted Nalani cot by @sacredbundle. How appropriate that the meaning of Nalani is ‘the heavens’? Minimal and modern and a wonderful pairing with the pale terracotta hues of Bauwerk Colours’ lime-based paint.

Add An Awe-Inspiring Rug For A Rapid Transformation

Bold rugs have transformative powers. Now, that’s a big statement, but you only have to look at these two images to see that it’s true. Think of rugs as wallpaper for the floor (but with a lot less effort) and apply the same principles. If you’re going to go with a strong pattern or feature rug keep the rest of the canvas relatively neutral or limit to one or two colours at most. Suppose you’re renting, between houses or working to a tight budget. In that case, a decorative rug can offer an economical way to overhaul your nursery with all the impact of big-budget makeovers.

statement rug nursery


Warmth and texture are added to this nursery in an instant with an Aztec-inspired, tribal-vibe rug that holds court on the hard floor. Note how it draws the eye into the centre of the room providing a focal point, its earthy clays and deep navy bringing a rich tapestry to this neutral nursery.

oriental rug in a baby nursery


Oriental-inspired rugs can add a delightful but delicately feminine touch to the nursery. This creamy canvas dominated by a warm claret pattern brings all the blush without the saccharine. The tasselled blanket is a perfect match!

It Doesn’t Have To Be Too Girly

safari style baby nursery


Though we love blossoms and blush, there’s no pressure to conform to an overly girly nursery. Safari is still going strong and provides a nurturing theme with the opportunity for lots of natural influences, including rattan and foliage. Besides, the beauty of a neutral nursery like this one crafted by Brianne, is that you can add and remove temporary girly bedlinen at will for pops of pink when the need takes your fancy.

The Power Of Pillows

Who doesn’t love a soft furnishing? Cushions are at the top of the list when it comes to accessorising a room and nurseries are no exception. Of course, the only caveat is safety, so they should be safely stowed away for slumber.

girl nursery pink beige


Dreamy, creamy boho blush in Adriana’s nursery is punctuated by these eye-catching rectangular scatter cushions. The nude colour preserves their neutrality, but boy do they make up for it with their dense texture and detailing. We love how they mirror the raised surface and weave in the rug and cot valance.

cushions girl nursery


Whimsical cushions add a touch of cosy to this dotty floral nursery combo. A fluffy texture with a dalmatian-inspired polka and a contemplative sun inject a sophisticated but infantile tone to this sweet pastel-pink crib.

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