Planning a boy’s bedroom or nursery no longer starts with a Pinterest board full of blue. In fact, the opposite is quite true.  Interior design for kids’ spaces has evolved so much that really anything is possible.  Though neutral palettes and Scandi styling seem to dominate there’s licence for bold colour, feature wallpaper and variants on a mono theme. Outdated stereotypes have been banished and there’s a wider acceptance that floral and delicate doesn’t always equal feminine.  Whether warm and earthy, statement-wall styled, minimalist or outright Scandi vibes, there’s a distinct possibility your new baby boy’s room is going to be a reflection of your personality, hopes and dreams. They grow so fast, so make the most of your DIY desires while you can. It won’t be long before they cultivate their own tastes and style aspirations. For now, we hope this selection of rooms provides some inspiration for your next project.


It’s hard not to be green with envy at the perfection of this nursery composition. A sprucey green is the ideal partner for a plethora of natural wood, giving an Alpine feel to this beautiful space. There’s a beguiling symmetry in the plaited cot guard and the pattern of the rug and a mini-me cot for good measure. The outdoors inspiration continues with a vista on the ocean provided by the clifftop and surfer dude wall art.


Costa’s nursery is a calming collection of balanced neutrals. His mummy confesses that her 4-month old son is yet to sleep in this room and that she has already rearranged it several times. This latest iteration is a desire to achieve a more Scandi oriented look and working out what works functionally now that Costa has arrived. There’s a hint of safari with the adorable lion face wall hanging from LD shoppe; the infamous H&M appliqued giraffe and a grey-eared elephant head. The verdict? Top marks.


Boho is for boys too! Neutral tones and nature abound in this gorgeous abode. A glimpse of a lovely woodland corner is just in sight with a stunning tree trunk table, toadstool and a Hazel Village doll. The colour palette is kept to a minimum, and the effect is a soothing sanctuary for Jackson. There’s a touch of the exotic with the Boho Baby heaven cactus cushions, mustard tassels and a russet canopy that looks like it could have come straight out of the souk.















The only bear you ever want in your room at night is Hartendief’s adorable wall sticker. We love those flushed cheeks and dreamy expression as he gazes up to the Sweet Dreams wall lamp. The composition creates the idea that he is holding the cord to the crescent moon like a balloon full of magical dreams. Such a tranquil room with few sources of distraction – composed as though just for the primary purpose of sleeping and dreaming. Muted grey walls punctuated only by the smallest splash of muted rainbow and a tender, great whale, ready to lull the infant to sleep with the notion of whale song.


Minimal design requires minimal commentary. Simplistic, clean and utterly peaceful. The only clue to this boy’s room is the canvas name flag from Winsome Made. A place as pure as the driven snow for James Walker.


At the other end of the colour spectrum is this midnight blue nursery. Still minimal but what detail there is absolutely packs a punch. The layering of rugs adds a depth and warmth to the room echoed by the sheepskins placed in the cot and draped on the rocking chair. Intentional or not, we love the teaming of the framed shaggy bison with the layering of textiles in the room. Oversized foliage completes the picture giving way to a space that is uncluttered yet full of depth and dimension.


A world of wicker and a riot of rattan combine to yield a gender-neutral corner in this expectant mother’s room. The oval Belle bassinet by Sacred Bundle is the centrepiece of this stylish room makeover, complete with its signature raffia pom-poms and a cocooning canopy to envelop the newborn in a secure shroud of delicate gauze cotton.

The creator of this room clearly has a leaning to the natural, evident in the choice of Bolga baby Moses basket with tan handles. Handcrafted in Northern Ghana and sold by Adinkra Designs, it’s free from any nasties or chemicals and is part of a wider project to promote fair trade and support local artisans. Swooping wicker swallows and the delightful knitted garments all wait to welcome the new arrival.


Pastel tones make an excellent choice for a boy’s nursery, and this minty jade white illustrates just that. Delicate enough to say ‘baby’ but neither polarising nor committal in terms of gender. Paired with the white on the window and the natural wood and rattan, it breathes light and air into the room. Did you spot the delightful circular shelf with bunny ears from Zara? Too cute for words!


Coastal vibes make for a dreamy room theme in this nautical-inspired nursery. A feature wall created with sailboat wallpaper by Rocky Mountain Decals is just the ticket to adventure, and there’s something of the porthole about that mirror that adds to the sea-faring styling. Sail us away to slumber Captain!


Just a little too much colour to declare this nursery mono but a skew towards black and white certainly underpins this room scheme. It’s a versatile look and certainly one to consider if you’re contemplating a room scheme for boys with longevity. There’s a grown-up vibe to it balanced by the intricate animal head illustration wallpaper. So busy and full of energy yet strangely tranquil no doubt thanks to the muted colour palette. We detect a retro air too in the 70’s-look armchair, brushed metal lampstand and the macramé plant hanger.


A softer take on the mono approach offers a calming fusion of the palest grey with a camera flash of the brightest white brought by an oversized Miffy and contemporary furniture. The polka dot wall mimics the star-spattered sky at night interrupted by the quilted moon, cloud and star, holding court above the sleeping bundle. Heavenly.


Willowy green is, without a doubt, beginning to be a chart-topper when it comes to boy’s nursery palettes. Perhaps it’s because the tone works so effortlessly next to natural wood, rattan and wicker? We love the matching wainscoting and dresser and the Max Wanger Mother, and Child print just melts our hearts – so sweet and symbolic is this pairing of palm trees huddled on a Santa Monica beach.


Scandi meets boho meets the circus. We declare this showstopper perfect inspo for a boy’s nursery. Dreamy hot air balloons dangle delicately, ready to mesmerise and hypnotise. A whitewashed oak herringbone floor creates a practical, neutral backdrop for a collection of two-tone accessories and a burst of cinnamon from the canopy.

In a world where you can be anything be kind and stylish. Such a heavenly room for little Ollie and no doubt insightful for anyone planning their nursery. The gorgeous emerald canopy injects colour into an otherwise stylishly subdued colour palette and complements the retro terracotta bedlinen by Swedish Linens. A deep pile rug brings the cosy along with a sheepskin clad chair and its snoozing sheep. This room radiates so much warmth and comfort. We just want to climb in and dream under the watchful eye of that lovable yak.

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