Co-sleeping is a natural choice for many new mothers, not least for the much-needed convenience it brings during night feeds, but also for the additional benefit of increased bonding, it offers mother and baby. Such comfort can be attained in attending to a newborn’s needs within seconds and within arm’s reach.

Finding a product that excels at safety, longevity and durability, but also one that delivers on aesthetics can, however, be a challenge. Oliver Furniture’s stunning Nordic-designed Co-Sleeper comes to the fore, answering every parents’ prayers.

Crafted from 100% solid birch and oak, this EU safety-approved, contemporary bed is a sleek and soothing addition to the modern interior and nursing routine. There are hidden advantages to every design facet. Take, for example, the smooth, elongated elliptical cut-out sides and supporting bottom slats, offering optimal ventilation for the baby. The rubberised wheels allow the co-sleeper to be transferred from room to room with minimal, sleep-preserving disruption.

To sleep peacefully is to sleep with confidence. Join us for a closer look into the product features of the Co-Sleeper and discover a world full of truly beautiful design, comfort and trust.

Closer to You

co-sleeper by Oliver Furniture

There’s huge comfort knowing that your precious bundle is as close as can be without any of the perils of sharing the same bed. Oliver Furniture’s Co-Sleeper boasts a continuous height adjustment feature, ensuring a precise and safe connection with the parent’s bed and with guidelines that safeguard against the baby rolling onto it. Wood co-sleeper is suitable for adult beds with bed clearance 44-63,5 cm (both frame beds and box mattresses).

For solo slumber

co-sleeping cot by Oliver Furniture

For daytime naps, the Co-Sleeper converts into a regular cradle, offering a cosy and secure cocoon with both sides up. This allows for the gradual transition to independent naptimes and scheduled sleep.

Soothing Shades and Stimulus

baby cot on wheels

Functionality is at the heart of every piece of Oliver Furniture. It’s an integral part of the product, and the white oak Co-Sleeper is no exception. A matching canopy and mobile holder is available and can be mounted with ease. Teamed with a dreamy awning, it shields against unwelcome drafts and the glare of harsh lights. Alternatively, it can host a mobile of your choice for gentle stimulus to encourage visual development.

The Epitome of Slow-Living

baby cot Oliver Furniture

Oliver Furniture leads by example with a commitment to sustainability that is evident in their product design. Recognising that co-sleeping can be a relatively short phase, they have conceived the Co-Sleeper to grow with your developing child. The swift change of wheels for legs and an open front transforms the Co-Sleeper into an exquisite bench, perfect for playrooms, living rooms and kitchens. The bench height can be adjusted, providing stylish seating for years to come. The canopy mount can continue to be used in this phase, offering adventurous and imaginative role-play beneath a tent-like retreat.

Design Credentials You Can Trust

co-sleeper Oliver Furniture

Peace of mind is immeasurable when it comes to buying nursery furniture. That’s why health and safety underpin every step of the design and production process at Oliver Furniture. Only the best possible raw materials make the cut and finished articles are treated with non-toxic water-based lacquers and paints. A signature hallmark of Oliver Furniture is non-visible screws, highlighting their leading design credentials and stringent quality control.  As with all products, the Co-Sleeper comes with a 5-year warranty.

Oliver Furniture

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