Warm and comforting, the colour burgundy evokes aristocratic vibes. Poised and elegant, it’s the colour of deliciously sweet and sticky preserves, tempting bramble fruit and juicy plums and damsons. There’s a traditional quality about this classic shade of French wine and the dark red uniform of Tibetan Monks.

Burgundy is a strong colour choice but more versatile than you might first think. Teamed with rosy hues, pastel blushes and brilliant whites, it invites an injection of warmth and passion, not unlike the matador’s striking red cape. Coupled with amber, ochre, russet and terracotta, it mimics the leaves’ changing in Autumn, creating cosy spaces for storytelling and nap times.

If you’re looking for a feminine alternative to candy pinks and rosy hues, burgundy offers a timeless option with character, class and chic aplenty. Perhaps one to consider for your next girls’ room project or mini-makeover? We’ve gathered eight outstanding examples of burgundy in girls’ rooms from classic Bordeaux and fruity crimson, to purple-infused plum and autumnal aubergine. Who knew the colour burgundy had so many hidden depths?


Just like a vintage bottle of the same name, this burgundy feature wall adds a depth and intrigue to Jessica’s self-styled nursery that’s hard to ignore. The textured wallpaper carries the colour well, something a paler shade might struggle to do. Pushed to describe this nursery with a solitary word, we’d plump for fall. Delicate toadstool garlands and autumnal felt raindrops offer a nod to nature and a wave to the woodlands that suit the warming palette. The space is full of detail, but the muted tones, oak chest and wooden shelves keep a sense of tranquillity not at odds with a peaceful wilderness.


A burst of burgundy punctuates this earthy blush alcove. The powerful jammy shade of the canopy pops against the pure white crib’s brilliance and offers a warm embrace and welcoming shelter. It’s such a heavenly composition for afternoon naps and calming quiet time.


Adele brings out the burgundy in a slightly ‘quieter’ fashion with Swedish Linens’ seashells bedlinen. It’s a print pop that works well against the block colour wall of muted rose. The colours and decorative objects chime together to create a sense of the seasons and elements in Hallie’s picture-perfect bedroom. A green leafy print quilt cover and pillowcase clash purposefully with the berry-coloured bottom sheet and a casual tawny-toffee throw adds a sense of autumn leaves underfoot.  Add a plush acorn pillow and an abundance of rattan, wicker and natural wood, and you have a nature-packed walk in the park on a chilly October afternoon.


Simplistic romanticism typifies this stunning but understated ensemble by Marlou. It’s a room full of texture but free from clutter and noise. There are elegance and sophistication that’s hard to put an age to – a space that could belong to a tiny toddler but equally a teen emerging from her chrysalis into a beautiful and independent butterfly.

The peachy distressed canopy’s height with its pretty fairy lights gives the illusion of a turreted tower inhabited by a fairytale princess. The dramatic claret wall exerts its power, untouched but for a delicate rattan flower mirror. The ornate rattan bed frame is completed by a textured terracotta bedspread, akin to a candlewick bedspread of the 1970s and ”80s. Lurking inside the canopy is a carnation pink pillow, layers of delicate ruffles bringing a feminine frivolity to this precious girls’ room.


Celebrated winner of BBC1’s The Best House in Town (Cardiff), Miffy Shaw, makes no secret of her love for dark, opulent colours. Neither Miffy nor her daughter Frankie, are ‘pink’ girls, but that doesn’t mean that Frankie’s bedroom isn’t a vision of femininity. The rich burgundy courtesy of Crown Paints verges on aubergine, appropriate given its origins in the nightshade family of plant species. The rich tones of the wall provide a fabulous backdrop for the subtle adornments. An autumnal subscription bouquet, a sheer floaty curtain tied back with sunset orange tasselled tiebacks and faux foliage intertwined in the delicate frame of IKEA’s Minnen bed, all contributing in their discrete way. And the pièce de résistance? A handmade crocheted blanket from nanny in complementary shades of maroon, lilac and ivory. No one crochets a blanket quite like nanny.


Mama Rose goes big on prints and patterns in Baby Tove’s tropical haven. BN Walls’ Panthera delivers statement wallpaper in a beautiful teal green complete with crested cockatoo’s and luscious foliage. Here the burgundy feels gentler, a delicate watercolour splash not unlike the ripe flesh of a freshly cut plum in tone. The print and pattern clashes are considered and combined with the dark rocking crib lend a Victorian influence. It’s a fruitier burgundy, peachy perfect for lullabies and sweet slumber.


If the colour burgundy feels like too much of a commitment at first, you could take a leaf out of Emma’s stylebook. Here she introduces it in a non-permanent fashion with the addition of a plummy canopy complete with a string of magical golden stars. The contrast against the mustard, floral print bedlinen is inspired.

There are more style steals to borrow from the creative genius behind the wonders of this Edwardian character home. The floral bunting is homemade and crafted from remnants of Sandberg Wallpaper’s Sakura blue.


Little Romy’s room takes classic burgundy and throws it out with the rule book and all its traditions. Here we see a brick red, terracotta toned bed canopy teamed with Roomblush’s funky Leopard wallpaper in Bordeaux-Nude. It’s an ultra-modern take on the classic colour with heaps of personality and a healthy helping of animal instinct. We love it!

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