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If you have ever stepped on a Lego piece or tripped over a push trolley, congratulations – you’re a parent. Count in the apologizing to your guests about the mess caused by scattered toys, and you will see that it is about time to find a more efficient way to store your children’s toys and have a more functional living space. You don’t have to stop there. Use this opportunity to make your home more stylish and magically turn clutter into a decorative element. Here are some of the best ideas that will help you “cast the right spell”.


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These are of course necesssary in a kid’s room unless you have a separate dressing or storage area which is rarely the case! They don’t have to be boring and go from floor to ceiling but can have different levels where you can actually display the toys you don’t want to hide because they look so good or you can make a niche in the middle which becomes a cosy reading nook.


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You don’t have to be especially imaginative to see that boxes are always a good way to store things and keep them neat and organized. The best thing about it is that you don’t need any special set of skills to make them look stylish. Just take a large box (e.g. diaper box) and wrap it up in some fun-looking wrapping paper or paint it with interesting graphic motifs (if it is for kids’ room) or in a neutral if you want to hide the mess in the family room.


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kids rolling bins


Rolling bins are a great way to teach your kids to start collecting their own toys. Pushing or pulling the bin around the house will be incredibly fun for them, and you’ll be able to get some rest. You can find such items in various shops or make one by installing wheels and handles on a regular bin.


double duty furniture

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Double-duty furniture is especially useful for small spaces and when you want to seamlessly incorporate kids’ stuff in a grownups’ room. Choose multipurpose furniture pieces like elegantly-looking ottoman, a bench that doubles as a storage spot and a bed with drawers on the bottom, and no one will assume for a second that you have a bunch of toys in there.


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Don’t despair if there is no more room left on the floor. Look up! There is plenty more of that on the walls and door and even on the furniture. Just hang a storage net or canvas and put toys that your kids don’t use as often as the ones within their reach. If you have an over-the-door shoe organizer you can turn it into neat storage for smaller toys also.


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