Kids’ rooms are stuffed with all sorts of items – some of them you want to hide, while others you want to display on plain sight so that they make an essential part of the décor. The latter ones are usually displayed on shelves. But, since you are already purchasing/building a shelf for your kids’ room, why wouldn’t you try to find the one that is interesting enough to be a part of the overall décor? There are plenty of interesting and creative solutions that could make the kids’ room more beautiful and imaginative.

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Hexagon-shaped shelves are ideal for a minimalistic nursery or a kids’ room, and they go very well with Scandinavian design. They’re really handy for storing books. As for the toys and accessories, they can’t display a lot of them, due to their shape, but one toy in such a shelf can be a very effective decorative element. Hexagon shelves are actually easy to make without nails and hammer, if you have basic DIY skills.

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hexagon shelves childrens room


A house-shaped shelf unit is truly an extraordinary addition to kids’ room. It can be bought in many furniture stores, but you can also make one yourself, by using plywood. The unique shape gives you the possibility to store items of various sizes, gives the room a playful note and inspires kids to be creative. It can also be transformed into a dollhouse!

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The simplest, yet very effective, shelf units for the kids’ room would be floating shelves. They are quite easy to install, and the fact that they can be arranged independently provides you with a number of options for displaying them – floor-to-ceiling arrangement, horizontal, zig-zag, at different levels etc.

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Give your kids a book, and you’ll make their day, give your kids a “bookish” tree and you’ll make their lives. A tree-shaped shelf is a phenomenal item to keep in a kids’ room. It is simultaneously decorative, it can store a lot of books, and it is a great way to motivate kids to read.

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In search for simple, affordable and fun ways to update the kids’ room shelving solutions? Look no further. The DIY surge brought many creative ways to use things we usually throw away, and fruit crates are the perfect example of that. You can nail them together (one above the other) or arrange them horizontally, and you’ll get plenty of stylish storage space. You can leave the natural wood color, or paint them with some other shade, from white to crisp shades – everything goes.

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By their function, round shelves are quite similar to the hexagon-shaped ones. The difference is that this shape allows you more creative solutions, such as “transforming” a shelf into a moon or sun, adding string lights for extra magical touch, etc.

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Every element of the kids’ room can be used to enhance the magical feel a kids’ room should evoke. Shelves are no different. Fortunately, furniture manufacturers are more creative than ever, and DIY bloggers are not far behind either.



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