Stripes never go out of fashion! Now, that’s a statement almost as bold as this interior design device, but it’s true. They’re a fantastic way to add structure to a space, but they can equally be used to add drama, energy and even a little chaos. Use them in the right proportions and orientation, and they can create the illusion of more space in smaller rooms.

Mix and match your stripes in width, depth, colour, and texture and go for all-out eclecticism. Alternatively, you could keep things clean with a classic two-tone thin-line approach.

These ten kids’ rooms use stripes in a multitude of ways to create standout spaces full of inspiration and intrigue. The question is, will they motivate you to follow suit?


By design, stripes are typically uniform and governed by straight lines that create their sense of steadfastness and boundary. There’s no such restriction in this dainty room with a stripy tug of war in full swing. The contestants in question are a hand-crocheted, multi-coloured, striped blanket and a self-assured mustard-stripe bedsheet. The jury’s out on who will be victorious, but that crocheted blanket is sure causing a ripple!


Ferm Living’s ‘Thick Lines’ in mustard and white add drama and delight to a sloped ceiling. A wallpapered approach over hand-painted stripes is definitely the preferred option when working at heights and angles.

The broad horizontal stripes elongate the slanted wall and open up what could otherwise feel like a confined space. We love how a short section of thin lines in the opposite direction halts them in their tracks. We’re sure it’s no coincidence that these more delicate stripes are mirrored in an almost identical toffee-tinged bed throw.


Delphie’s room shows us a novel way to introduce stripes into this pastel dream of a room. Who would have thought of a candy-striped wardrobe? What’s even more impressive is that it was a Facebook Marketplace find that’s been upcycled with a lick of paint in contrasting shades of green. It channels a circus meets old-fashioned paper sweet bag vibe, and it’s simply magical. The Eden Green bed canopy by @nobodinoz is such a perfect match. Did you spot the apricot ‘Long Beach’ cushion by @peachy_parrot too?


Stripes are not for the faint-hearted, so if you want to dip your toe in the stripy water, you will do worse than go with a less permanent option. Bedlinen is a great way to add a pattern for those who are perhaps a little more risk-averse. This French flax linen duvet set by @societyofwanderers adds a welcome pop of muted cherry to this neutral space. It’s bold and charismatic, but with a deft flick of the wrist, all evidence will be a distant but delightful memory.


It’s not difficult to spot the demure and delicate lines of the wallpaper in the top half of this sepia-toned spectacle, but did you see the subliminal stripes at the bottom of the wall? Whoever said wood panelling didn’t constitute a stripe was utterly wrong in our interior design book. It’s like a halfway house to the adoption of the much-loved stripe. It’s classic and timeless, and the neutral tones lend a calm air that keeps busy at bay.


Painted or papered? The precision in those lines foxed us for a moment, but these giant candy stripes in Noah’s room are indeed the handiwork of one patient mama and a pot of India Yellow by @farrowandball. It’s a wonderfully cheery treatment that adds a sunshiney disposition to this space.


Stripes are kept in check in this beachy, boho bunkbed room of wonder. Despite the awe and wonder of those hand-painted checks on the wall, the solitary gold-striped pillow still manages to steal the show. It’s another fantastic example of how simply you can introduce the humble stripe with speed and ease. Bravo Maddison! We love this less is more approach.


Wow! George’s room takes stripes into a whole new realm. This IKEA cupboard hack grew out of a vision to paint stripes on the wall, but Nicole was concerned it might get too busy. The solution? Paint them on the side of the wooden units, of course. That way, you only see the stripes from this angle and not from the front of the cupboards. It’s pure genius. If you’re desperate to know what shades she used, they’re all by @valsparpaintuk and noted below – Dried Saffron, Cabana Stripe, Nectarine Spice, Life Aquatic, Paté, and Rainforest Retreat. The front of the cupboards is painted in Storybook Sundown.


There’s a cheerful seaside holiday vibe to these lilac stripes in Cato’s room, and we want to take a vacation there right now. The row of matching pastel houses gives us British beach hut feels, and the pastel pink floorboards could be the dusty sands of faraway shores. We love that Ayla painted freely with little care for consistency in the width of her stripes. It adds an extra element of playfulness to the sweet corner of this pastel-infused bedroom. Again, we also have those subliminal floorboard stripes accentuated by a coat of paint.


Brooke goes coastal for Caiden’s near two-toned big guy’s bedroom in a soothing palette of toasted terracotta and appetising apricot hues. The colour palette gives a subtle warm glow that says summer all year long, and the presence of a palm tree here and there reinforces it too. The stripes loom large in this room reno. That’s because the backdrop has been kept deliberately simple. Society of Wanderers’ dusky peach stripes shout out against a solid background of muted pumpkin sheets and crisp off-white walls. The soft lines are echoed in the half-wall wood panelling and even in the linear form of the floor covering. A haphazard check competes for attention in the bed cushions and wall art, but those steadfast stripes still win the day.

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