How about bringing some emotions to the kid’s room ? Remember blue is for  serenity, pink for creativity, yellow for happiness , orange for playfulness, green for optimistic..Just as colourful as a child’s mood! We’ve collected a few ideas to get you inspired.

rainbows kids decor

  1. Rainbow led lamp by Little Lights
  2. Knitted rainbow rattle by Meri Meri
  3. Suspended felt décor by Mrs Giddy Designs
  4. Rainbow wallpaper by Rocky Mountain Decals
  5. Colourful “Be Kind” textile flag by Happy Sunday Studio
  6. Rainbow suitcases by Meri Meri
  7. Rainbow poster
  8. Abacus Rainbow by Oyoy
  9. Rainbow kids bedding by Kori Kids
  10. Rainbow baby swaddle by Clementine Kids
  11. Rainbow cushion by H&M
  12. Rainbow felt rug by Muskhane

or more ideas related to baby and childrens’ :


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