A winter without frost doesn’t really feel like a real winter does it ? Iceskating, building snowmen and seeing the snow drizzle in front of our frosty windows while we snuggle up on the sofa sipping warm chocolates… While we wait for these treasured moments, why not create this feeling by bringing in a few frosty décor pieces into the kid’s room?

winter shooping selection kids

1.”Snowball” feather pendant light : Vita Copenhagen

2. Snowflake wall decals by Vinyl Designs

3. Polarbear poster by Lilipinso

4. Star garland by Sincerely Gift

5. Plushbunny by Jellycat

6. Star cushions by Cozy Dots

7. Polarbear rug by Mushkane

8. Storage bench with star mattress

9. Star toy basket by H&M

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